These Essential Oils Heal Acne, Headaches, and So Much More

Inflammation is the body's natural immune response to infection, harm, or irritation. For acute conditions, like a cut or swollen tonsils, it protects by sending white blood cells or special proteins to the disrupted site. In these cases, you might experience inflammatory symptoms like swelling, redness, and heat. However, chronic inflammation is a different beast. It's here that the body has a steep reaction to a toxic buildup of substances, like cigarette smoke or plaque inside arteries, or other risk factors like too much sodium in your diet, which could lead to inflammation of the joints (otherwise known as rheumatoid arthritis), among several other conditions. The latter situations call for more serious medications and reactive measures and will need the attention of a medical professional. For less threatening inflammatory responses that can be treated topically (or inhaled via a diffuser) like acne, headaches, and pain, essential oils may serve as the perfect natural remedy. 

One thing to note: Before applying essential oils to your skin, they should always be diluted first to avoid irritation. Try mixing them with a carrier oil like jojoba or sweet almond oil to diffuse them and actually help them work better, as carrier oils facilitate better absorption so that the essential oil won't evaporate. To figure out how to dilute your essential oils, try this handy guide.

Below, we've rounded up the essential oils that may help ease inflammation.