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Find everything you need to keep your digits looking fresh, from manicure ideas to nail care to the polishes beauty editors swear by. Nailed it.

nude nails
Why Do My Cuticles Grow So Fast? Dermatologists Weigh In

Solid matcha latte manicure color with simple rings
Matcha Latte Nails Are the Creamy New Manicure Trend Taking Over Our Feeds

orange manicure with orange floral accents
As a Treat: 14 Orange Creamsicle Manicures to Try This Summer

Dua Lipa selfie
We'll Be Copying Dua Lipa's Mermaid Barbie Nails All Summer

Selena Gomez selfie
Selena Gomez Just Debuted Her Own Take on the Lip Gloss Nails Trend

Selena Gomez on the red carpet
Selena Gomez's Soft Matte Rich Girl Nails Will be Everywhere This Summer

Jennie Kim in a corset
Jennie Kim's Chiffon Nails Are Delicate Perfection

Elsa Hosk on the Cannes red carpet
Elsa Hosk's Supermodel Nails Glistened on the Cannes Red Carpet

Lady Gaga on the red carpet
Lady Gaga's Dusty Rose Manicure Is an Edgy Take on the "Your Nails But Better" Trend

Metallic "satin slip" nails
Satin Slip Nails Are the It Girl-Approved Mani to Try This Summer

Lizzo wearing rainbow eye makeup and pink aura nails
Lizzo's Bubblegum Aura Nails Are as Sweet as They Sound

Kourtney Kardashian with black hair
Kourtney Kardashian Barker Just Gave the Jello Nails Trend Her Stamp of Approval

Megan Fox selfie
Megan Fox Does Goth Barbiecore With a Pink Chrome Manicure

Sydney Sweeney at the 'Reality' screening in New York City
We'll Be Copying Sydney Sweeney's Supermodel Nails All Spring

neon green nails with white daisy accent
17 Electric Takes on the Neon Green French Mani That Are Perfect for Summer

Jennifer Lopez in a blazer
Jennifer Lopez Cosigned the Milky French Manicure Trend

pink and orange ombre nails on someone's tan hands
13 Melty, Ombré Nail Ideas With Endless Summer Energy

Halle Bailey at the UK premier of "The Little Mermaid"
Halle Bailey Nails Mermaidcore With a Pearl Mani and Seashell Headpiece

Strengthening Treatment for Restoring "Gel Manicure-Damaged" Nails
Shoppers Swear by This On-Sale Strengthening Treatment for Restoring "Gel Manicure-Damaged" Nails

Selena Gomez swelfie
Selena Gomez's Soft French Manicure Is a Minimalist's Dream

woman with coral manicure
14 Coral Nail Looks Perfect For Any Summer Soirée

Structured manicure with black and iridescent purple polish and gemstone accents
What Is a Structured Manicure? Nail Artists Share All the Details

Hailey Bieber selfie
Hailey Bieber Went Girly and Pearly for Her Latest Manicure

Close up of a velvet purple manicure
20 Purple Nail Ideas That Prove It's the Next Big Shade

Lizzo with digital lavender nails
Lizzo Put a Chrome Twist on the Digital Lavender Nail Trend

 Jenna Dewan at InStyle's dinner party in 2023
We're Obsessed With Jenna Dewan's Aura Glazed Nails

Blue sea glass nails
The Sea Glass Mani Trend Is Like a Trip to the Beach for Your Nails

Kylie Jenner wearing cherry jello nails
Kylie Jenner's Cherry Jello Nails Have Us Ready for Summer

Spring-colored watercolor nails
The Watercolor Manicure Trend Would Make Monet Jealous

Ivory matte linen nails with white baby French tips
Linen Nails Are the Minimalist Mani Trend Taking Over for Summer

Jennifer Lopez wearing smoky eye and pearl earrings
J.Lo's Heavenly French Manicure Takes the Naked Glitter Trend to the Next Level

red jello nail trend
Jello Nails Are the Juicy Manicure You'll Be Wearing All Summer

Tortoiseshell manicure with abstract white designs
14 Modern Animal Print Nail Designs That Embrace Your Wild Side

Manicure with mermaid teal metallic French tips
Mermaid Nails Are the Ultimate Way to Channel Your Inner Ariel This Summer

Mismatched French tip manicure with smiley, daisy, yin/yang, and cow print designs
13 Mismatched Manicure Ideas To Shake Up Your Next Nail Art

Vanilla chrome manicure with pastel floral designs
"Vanilla Chrome" Nails Put a Sweet Spin on the Milkshake Mani Trend

Lavender chrome summer nails
Summer 2023's Biggest Nail Trends Include Lavender Chrome and the Fancy French

lagoon nails example
Lagoon Nails Bring the Beauty of the Ocean to Your Fingertips

ombre lip gloss nails pink manicure
"Ombré Lip Gloss" Nails Are the Official Manicure of Summer

Kylie Jenner taking selfie in mirror
Kylie Jenner's 20 Best Nail Looks Prove She's the Ultimate Manicure Muse

Pink glitter velvet manicure with hot pink 3D bow accent
20 Coquette Nails Ideas That Emulate the ”Bridgerton” Aesthetic

Close up of a velvet manicure with dewdrop details
Dewdrop Nails Are the Coolest 3D Mani Trend of Year—Here Are Some of Our Faves

jenna ortega met gala 2023
Jenna Ortega's Patent Leather French Manicure Is the Epitome of Moody Glamour

Manicure with translucent pale base, rainbow aura designs, and gold north star decals
22 Manicure Ideas for May That Usher In the Summer Vibes

Green and white manicure in the sunlight
Acrylic Nails 101: What You Need to Know Before Your First Set

Cloud Nails
Cloud Nails Are the Manicure Trend of Your Dreams

selena gomez wearing patterned nails and blonde hair
Selena Gomez's 20 Best Manicures Over the Years, From Barbiecore to Neon

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez's 15 Best Nail Looks to Take Inspiration From

Hot pink manicure with sparkle heart accent nails and sparkle designs
10 Emoji Nail Designs That Will Make Your IRL Mani Happier Than Ever

A baby pink French manicure with floral and French tip accents
20 Baby Pink Nail Ideas That Prove Pastel Pink Is the Manicure of the Season

milky French manicure
The Milky French Manicure Will Make You Feel Like That Girl

A sheer glazed donut chrome mani
Nude Chrome Nails Are the Wedding Manicure of the Season—Here’s How To Try the Look

Chocolate milk nails
Chocolate Milk Nails Are the Newest Neutral Mani

Kim Kardashian in a pink dress
Kim Kardashian's Y2K Hello Kitty French Manicure Is a Maximalist's Dream

A turquoise blue manicure
15 Blue Nail Ideas That Will Transport You Somewhere Tropical

Pink and green nails with French tips and wavy side designs
16 Pink and Green Nail Ideas with Juicy, Watermelon Sugar Vibes

Megan Fox
Megan Fox's 10 Best Nail Looks—From Rainbow French to Lavender Aura

Nicola Peltz Beckham
Nicola Peltz Beckham Loves Minimal Manis—Here Are Her 6 Best Nail Looks

Close up of a solid bubblegum pink manicure
Bubblegum Pink Nails Are the Sweetest Mani Trend—Here Are Some of Our Faves

@nailsbycanishiea press on nails
Is It Safe to Gel Cure Press-On Nails? We Investigate

Close up of a foil oil-spill mani
8 Oil-Slick Nail Ideas for the Perfect Edgy Summer Mani

Polly Pocket nails
"Polly Pocket" Nails Are the Nostalgic Mani We'll Be Wearing All Spring

Balletcore nails
The Balletcore Nail Trend Will Make You Feel Like a Prima Ballerina

blue shellac nails
Shellac and Acrylic Are Both Buzzy Nail Treatments—Here's How to Pick The Best One For You