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Makeup lovers, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find the hottest makeup trends from the runways (and Instagram), breakdowns of red carpet looks begging to be your Friday night makeup inspo, plus makeup tips and tricks from the world's biggest makeup artists.
Winter Nail Trends
The Biggest Nail Trends This Winter Include Ice Princess Art and Moody French Manis

J Lo with wavy hair
J.Lo's "Rich Girl Nails" Are the Perfect, Unexpected Holiday Manicure Inspo

Manicure with brown French tips and yin/yang accent nail
25 Brown French Tip Manicures Taking Over Our Social Feeds

Lip Gloss Nails
Lip Gloss Nails Will Be Your Go-to Winter Mani

Close up of hands with a minimal mani
Nail Concealer Exists—Here's How to Use It for the Perfect Barely-There Mani

Blake Lively
Blake Lively's "Antique Grandma" Manicure Is Surprisingly Chic

Illusion French manicure in shades of purple
"French Illusion" Nails Are a Trippy Take on the Classic Manicure

Hands with minimalist manicure on soft blanket
How to Moisturize Nails for Your Best, Healthiest Mani Yet

Black patent nails
Patent Leather Nails Are the Perfect Twist on the Classic Fall Mani

Hand with Fench manicure
This Viral French Mani Hack Kit Gives You the Perfect Manicure Every Time

Taylor swift in gold dress
Taylor Swift Just Shared Her Starry 'Midnights' Mani—And It's So Easy to Recreate

Hand with pale pink manicure and pearl open ring
BIAB Is the Celeb Secret for Long, Strong Nails—Here's the 411

Megan Fox in a red hat with a bloody manicure
Megan Fox's Blood-Dripped Manicure Is the Perfect Halloween Inspo

Two-toned brown French manicure with gold rings
18 Fall French Manicures That Reinvent the Classic Look

Neutral manicure with orange pumpkin nail designs and polka dots
24 Pumpkin Nail Designs for the Spookiest Fingertips

woman's hands with gray-blue manicure
Nail Wraps Are the Mani Shortcut You Didn't Know You Needed—Here's How to Apply Them

Jennier Lopez in a pinstripe dress with wine-red nails
This $10 Red Wine Nail Polish Is J.Lo-Approved

Glazed donut nails
This Trick Is the Secret to Chrome Nails Without a Trip to the Salon

Ella Mai with short square nails
Short, Square Nails Are Having a Moment

Brown nails manicure
This "Ugly" Nail Color Is Surprisingly Sophisticated

Machine Gun Kelly and his diamond manicure
You Can Now Buy the Diamonds From Machine Gun Kelly's $30,000 Manicure

90s supermodel manicure
The '90s Supermodel Nail Trend Is Neutral Perfection

lilac nails with white tips.
18 Baby French Manicures You'll Want to Show Your Nail Artists ASAP

Swirls of nail polish close up
How to Fix Smudged Nail Polish, Because Life—and Mistakes—Happen

Pink marble manicure with glitter and gold flecks
How to Apply Glitter to Your Nails, According to a Celeb Manicurist

Hailey Bieber with a chocolate glazed donut manicure
Here's Exactly How to Get Hailey Bieber's Chocolate Glazed Donut Manicure

polished nails
I Tried Clockwork, Target's Robot Manicure—And I Have Some Thoughts

Kur Nail Concealer
Londontown's Viral Nail Concealer Keeps Selling Out—Here's Why

J Lo at her wedding
JLo's All-White Wedding Manicure Had a Hidden Meaning

aura nails trend
Aura Nails Are the Most Aesthetically-Pleasing Way to Show the Real You

Chocolate colored matte nails
Fall 2022 Nail Trends Include Pearly Polish, Glazed Finishes, and Barbiecore Pink

Neutral manicure with multicolored half-moon nail design at base
10 Half-Moon Manicures That Take the Trend to the Next Level

Light pink manicure with gems
There Are 7 Types of Manicures—Learn How to Choose the Right One

bare nails
Nail Slugging Is a Thing Now

Group shot of red and white manicures
15 Nail Designs That Will Look Stunning With a LBD

Strawberry glazed donut nails
Strawberry Glazed Donut Nails Are Hailey Bieber's New Favorite Mani Flavor

Pat McGrath x Supreme nail polish
Pat McGrath Is Teaming Up With Supreme Again For Its First-Ever Nail Polish

italian manicure
Italian Manicures Are an Easy Way to Fake Longer Nails—Here Are Some of Our Faves

Selena Gomez wearing olive green nails
Selena Gomez Is Making Dirty Martini Nails a Thing

Milk bath nails with pink and purple flowers and gold foil accents
Milk Bath Nails Are the Ethereal Manicure of Our Dreams

Double French manicure with two-toned pink tips and matching ring
15 Double French Manicures With the Best Y2K and '90s Vibes

Nicola Peltz Milky Nails
Milky Nails Are The Celeb-Approved Twist on a Classic Nude Mani

Butterfly nail art
Butterfly Nails Are This Summer's Latest Take on Y2K Beauty

Ziwe Barbiecore Beauty
Barbiecore Beauty Is the Hot-Pink-Everything Aesthetic Taking Over

Close up of a woman's manicured hand.
How to Prevent Bubbles in Nail Polish, According to Nail Experts

Close up of a woman's hands with acrylic nails.
Can You Be Allergic to Acrylic Nails? We Investigate

woman with long manicure
How You Can (and Can't) Remove Acrylic Nails at Home

press on manicure
14 Black Nail Artists Making an Impact in the Beauty Industry

nails of la press on nails
Nails of LA Press-Ons Gave Me a Salon-Level Manicure

Up close of a woman's manicured hands on her face.
Yellow Nails After Acrylics: Causes and Treatments

coffee nails by amy le
13 Coffee Manicures to Perk Up Your Nail Game

natural nails
What Is the Russian Manicure? Here's What Experts Say

colorful gel manicure
It's Time to Start Wearing SPF to Your Gel Mani Appointments

red gel nail extensions
Gel Nail Extensions: Everything You Need to Know Pre-Salon

female hand manicure sweater
Your Step-by-Step Guide to DIY Shellac Nails at Home

Commerce Photo Composite
10 Best Quick-Dry Nail Polishes for a Smudge-Free Manicure

Lipstick Nails
How to Wear Lipstick Nails According to the Manicurist Who Made Them

young woman holding face in hand
How to Stop Peeling Nails In Their Tracks

woman's hand
Put a Stop to Dry Cuticles With These 7 Quick Fixes

Lil Nas X with jeweled fingernails
16 Times Male Celebs Provided Major Nail Inspo

Acrylic Nails with Nail Art
This Is How to Remove Gel Polish From Acrylic Nails Without Damaging Your Nail

Person with negative space natural nails
29 Natural Nail Designs for the Manicure Minimalist

Person with pastel purple nails.
24 Pastel Nail Ideas to Show Your Manicurist ASAP

Pedicures for Men: The Complete Guide
Pedicures for Men: The Complete Guide