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Makeup lovers, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find the hottest makeup trends from the runways (and Instagram), breakdowns of red carpet looks begging to be your Friday night makeup inspo, plus makeup tips and tricks from the world's biggest makeup artists.
Glass French Manicure
The Glass French Manicure Would Make Cinderella Jealous

Black French tip nails with silver studs
17 Black French Tip Manicures to Bring the Goth Revival Trend to Your Fingertips

hearts and stars airbrush nails
The Blurry Airbrush Nails Trend Is Officially the New Way to Ombré

Naked Glitter Nails
The "Naked Glitter" Mani Trend Is Like Sparkly Nails for Grown Ups

Blue glitter manicure with pop art outline accents and minimalist gold rings
Pop Art Nails Are the Love-It-or-Hate-It Manicure Trend Popping Up for Spring

Retro swirly red manicure
30 Nail Ideas for February, Without a Single Heart in Sight

Frosted Nails
Chill Out Your Manicure With the Frosted Nails Trend

A hand holding a nail file
Not Sure Which Nail File Grit You Should Be Using? Here's Your Ultimate Guide

Kylie Jenner in a Vanilla French Manicure
The Vanilla French Manicure Is a Delicious Twist on a Classic

Negative space manicure with wavy caramel design and white lines
"Hot Chocolate" Nails Are the Perfect Neutral Mani Trending for Winter

hands buffing nails
How to Sanitize Your At-Home Nail Tools, According to Experts

Neutral Manicure with gold accents
What Do Healthy Nails Look Like? We Asked Derms to Explain the Signs

A full set of almond-shaped nails with white graphic nail art
All of the Different Nail Shapes, Explained—From Ballerina to Squoval

Light blue metallic nails with dark blue corner accent detail
25 Metallic Nail Designs to Try—From Disco Chrome to Gilded Tips

Invisible French Manicure
The “Invisible” French Manicure Trend is like Magic for Your Nails

Glossier beauty travel kit of moisturizer, cleanser, lip balm, toothbrush, and toothpaste in green tin
Which Beauty Products Can You Bring in Your Carry-On Bag When You Travel?

Glittery cuticle fingernails
25 Sparkling Diamond Nail Designs for the Glitziest Mani Ever

dua lipa
Dua Lipa's Pink Aura Nails Are Worth Copying

Neutral elongated manicure with abstract hot pink nail design
18 Hot Pink Nail Designs That Bring Barbiecore to Your Fingertips

Blush Nails
Blush Nails Bring the "Cold Girl" Makeup Trend to Your Mani

woman with red and tan sweater nail design
17 Sweater Nail Designs Trending for Winter—From Cable Knit to Cashmere

checkered press on nails
15 Valentine's Day Press-on Nails That Make Us Swoon

Lizzo with a French pedicure, wearing white Gucci sandals
How to DIY the Perfect French Pedicure in 5 Steps

Nicola Peltz
Nicola Peltz Beckham's Ice Manicure Is All the Winter Nail Inspo We Need

Hailey Bieber in a balck dress and fur coat
Hailey Bieber's Candy Cane Glazed Nails Are Surprisingly Easy to DIY

J Lo. in a cutout dress with lip gloss nails
J.Lo Put a Glittering Twist on the "Lip Gloss Nails" Trend

A snowy, glittery French manicure
13 Sparkly French Manicures to Try—From Glittery Snow to Crushed Velvet Tips

Nicola Peltz Beckham in a bathrobe
We'll Be Copying Nicola Peltz Beckham's "Blizzard French" Manicure All Winter Long

glitter nails
TikTok Swears By the Radiant Cosmetics Nail Growth Oil—But Does it Work?

Jennifer Lopez in a white suit
Jennifer Lopez Just Made the "Mean Girl Mani" a Thing

Jennifer Lopez in a white coat
Jennifer Lopez's Candy Cane French Mani Is Minimal Nail Art at Its Finest

Close up of a manicured hand with clean, healthy cuticles
At-Home Cuticle Care Is So Much Easier Than You Think—Here's What You Can Do

hailey bieber with a red french tip manicure
17 Red French Tip Manicures Trending for Holiday Parties and Beyond

Nicola Peltz
Nicola Peltz Beckham Just Wore the "Perfect French Mani"

Holiday nails
Holiday 2022's Biggest Nail Trends Include Nude Chrome and Sweater Prints

A woman's bright red toenails in heeled sandals
Gel Pedicures Are a Mainstay on Spa Menus—But Are They Actually Worth it?

Selena Gomez selfie
Selena Gomez's Skittles Manicure Proves You Can Wear Brights in the Winter

J Lo with bouncy hair
Add J. Lo's Dulce de Leche Nails to Your Winter Moodboard

Manicure with neutral polish and Goyard-patterned accent nail
We Asked Actual Nail Techs How Much You Should Tip Them—Here's What They Said

Megan Fox wearing her UN/DN LAQR polish
Of Course the Megan Fox and MGK Nail Polish Collab Is Inspired by Her Favorite Crystals

dark green nail polish
20 Dark Green Nail Polish Ideas Trending for Winter

Close up of a woman's long fingernails with subtle gems
5 Ways to Strengthen Your Nails After Removing Acrylics, Straight From Pros

Winter Nail Trends
The Biggest Nail Trends This Winter Include Ice Princess Art and Moody French Manis

J Lo with wavy hair
J.Lo's "Rich Girl Nails" Are the Perfect, Unexpected Holiday Manicure Inspo

Manicure with brown French tips and yin/yang accent nail
25 Brown French Tip Manicures Taking Over Our Social Feeds

Lip Gloss Nails
Lip Gloss Nails Will Be Your Go-To Winter Mani

Close up of hands with a minimal mani
Nail Concealer Exists—Here's How to Use It for the Perfect Barely-There Mani

Blake Lively
Blake Lively's "Antique Grandma" Manicure Is Surprisingly Chic

Illusion French manicure in shades of purple
"French Illusion" Nails Are a Trippy Take on the Classic Manicure

Hands with minimalist manicure on soft blanket
How to Moisturize Nails for Your Best, Healthiest Mani Yet

Black patent nails
Patent Leather Nails Are the Perfect Twist on the Classic Fall Mani

Hand with Fench manicure
This Viral French Mani Hack Kit Gives You the Perfect Manicure Every Time

Taylor swift in gold dress
Taylor Swift Just Shared Her Starry 'Midnights' Mani—And It's So Easy to Recreate

Hand with pale pink manicure and pearl open ring
BIAB Is the Celeb Secret for Long, Strong Nails—Here's the 411

Megan Fox in a red hat with a bloody manicure
Megan Fox's Blood-Dripped Manicure Is the Perfect Halloween Inspo

Two-toned brown French manicure with gold rings
23 Fall French Manicures That Reinvent the Classic Look

Neutral manicure with orange pumpkin nail designs and polka dots
22 Pumpkin Nail Designs for the Spookiest Fingertips

woman's hands with gray-blue manicure
Nail Wraps Are the Mani Shortcut You Didn't Know You Needed—Here's How to Apply Them

Jennier Lopez in a pinstripe dress with wine-red nails
This $10 Red Wine Nail Polish Is J.Lo-Approved

Glazed donut nails
This Trick Is the Secret to Chrome Nails Without a Trip to the Salon

Ella Mai with short square nails
Short, Square Nails Are Having a Moment

Brown nails manicure
This "Ugly" Nail Color Is Surprisingly Sophisticated

Machine Gun Kelly and his diamond manicure
You Can Now Buy the Diamonds From Machine Gun Kelly's $30,000 Manicure

90s supermodel manicure
The '90s Supermodel Nail Trend Is Neutral Perfection