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How to Fix Smudged Nail Polish, Because Life—and Mistakes—Happen

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How to Apply Glitter to Your Nails, According to a Celeb Manicurist

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10 Half-Moon Manicures That Take the Trend to the Next Level

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There Are 7 Types of Manicures—Learn How to Choose the Right One

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15 Nail Designs That Will Look Stunning With a LBD

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Italian Manicures Are an Easy Way to Fake Longer Nails—Here Are Some of Our Faves

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Milk Bath Nails Are the Ethereal Manicure of Our Dreams

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15 Double French Manicure Nail Art Ideas You'll Want to Recreate ASAP

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How to Prevent Bubbles in Nail Polish, According to Nail Experts

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Acrylic Nails Aren't Damaging—How You Remove Them Is

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14 Black Nail Artists Making an Impact in the Beauty Industry

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What Is the Russian Manicure? Here's What Experts Say

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It's Time to Start Wearing SPF to Your Gel Mani Appointments

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What to Know Before Getting Your First Set of Gel Extensions

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Your Step-by-Step Guide to DIY Shellac Nails at Home

Commerce Photo Composite
10 Quick-Dry Nail Polishes for a Smudge-Free Manicure

Lipstick Nails
How to Wear Lipstick Nails According to the Manicurist Who Made Them

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How Do I Treat My Peeling Nails?

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How to Fix Cracked Cuticles

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16 Times Male Celebs Provided Major Nail Inspo

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This Is How to Remove Gel Polish From Acrylic Nails Without Damaging Your Nail

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29 of the Best Natural Nail Designs for the Manicure Minimalist

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25 Pastel Nail Ideas to Show Your Manicurist ASAP

Pedicures for Men: The Complete Guide
Pedicures for Men: The Complete Guide

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31 Elevated Nail Designs For Special Occasions

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The Best Glitter Ombré Nail Designs to Wear All Year Long

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Smiley-Face Nails Are One of This Year's Top Nail Trends—Here's How to Wear the Look

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7 Ways to Safely Treat Toenail Fungus at Home

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How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish Without Stripping Your Nails

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Searches For Abstract Nails Are Way Up—Here's How to Wear the Trend

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These Are the Top 10 Trending Nail Colors for Winter 2022

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The Best Velvet Nails Looks to Show Your Manicurist

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The Best Snowflake Nail Designs to Wear Through Winter

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Byrdie Predicts: The Top Nail Trends for 2022 and Beyond

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The 10 Most Effective Home Remedies for Nail Psoriasis, According to derms

People of Color Moremi
People Of Color: This Nail Polish Brand Celebrates Brown Skin

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How to Use Vitamin E Oil For Shiny, Healthy Nails

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Hack or Hoax: TikTok Says Applying Toothpaste to Your Nails Helps Them Grow

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Exclusive: I Zoomed With Bebe Rexha and We Talked Nails, Candy and Costumes

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4 Ways to Turn Regular Nail Polish Into Matte Nail Polish

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Our 15 Favorite Fall Ombré Nail Designs of the Season

How to Make Your Own DIY Nail Strengthener From Common Kitchen Staples

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Dip Powder Nails Come in Every Color—Here Are Our 22 Favorites

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Clear Nail Designs Are Our Favorite Minimalist Nail Trend Right Now

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These Nail Polish Strips Are Perfect For Anyone Who Has Trouble Painting Within the Lines

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Here's How to Repurpose Your Unused Eyeshadow Shades Into Long-Lasting Nail Lacquer

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These Press-On Nails Look Like a Professional Manicure—and They're Insanely Durable

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"Breathable" Nail Polish Exists—Here's What it Means for Your Nails

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Manicurists Say Dip Powder Is One of the Most Durable Manicures—Here's Everything You Need to Know

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30 Yellow Nail Looks to Try on Nails of Any Length or Shape

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35 Envy-Inducing Black Ombré Nail Looks You Need to Try

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Virtual Manicures and 3-D Modeled Press-Ons: Amidst a Pandemic, Nailcare Is Booming

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Cat-eye Nails Are Taking Over Our IG Feeds—Here Are 30 Ways to Wear the Trend

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This Celebrity Manicurist Created an Instagram-Worthy Sketchbook for At-Home Nail Art

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37 Short Almond Nail Designs to Consider for Your Next Nail Look

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25 Short (But Chic) Coffin Nail Looks to Try

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Upgrade Your Nude Nails With One of These 45 Pink Nail Designs

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7 Ways to Effectively Dissolve Stubborn Cuticles at Home

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White and Gold Nails Strike a Perfect Balance Between Minimal and Bold

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How to Create Water Marble Nails at Home

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Press-On Nails

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The Prettiest Geode Nail Designs on IG Right Now

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5 Years and $28 Later, My Nails Have Never Looked Better

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Everything You Need to Know About Glass Nails