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Trends come and go—but we still want to know about them. Here, you'll find the latest must-know styles, fabrics, silhouettes, brands, and fashion musings on a need-to-know basis.
sheertex review
Sheertex Tights Claim to Be Nearly Indestructible–for $79, Are They Worth It?

gucci bag
The Surprising Luxury of Handbag Rentals

naomi campbell and kate moss
How to Look Expensive Regardless of Your Budget

woman in white clothes
How to Get Common Stains Out of White Clothes

70s fashion trends
How to Wear the '70s Fashion Trends All Over Instagram

louboutin size guide
How to Find Your Shoe Size in Louboutin Heels

Inside Cosabella’s Inclusive Approach to Luxury Lingerie

how to dress like a witch
How to Dress Like a (Real) Witch

woman in jeans
Made-to-Order Shopping Could Be the Future of Sustainable Fashion

helen kirkum
How Helen Kirkum's Reconstructed Shoes Are Deconstructing Sneaker Culture

bodies in silk
The Breakdown: Here's Why Luxury Resale Is Thriving

jewelry for sensitive skin
How to Find Jewelry When You Have Sensitive Skin

crocs collab
The Crocs X Benefit Collab Is the Ultra-Glam, Pink Shoe I Need

fall handbag shapes
The 11 Best Fall Handbag Shapes to Show Off All Season Long

how to layer necklaces
How to Layer Necklaces, According to a Stylist

christian cowan
These Curve Models Are the Breakout Faces of NYFW

Faduma's Fellowship
Meet Faduma’s Fellowship: The First Adaptive Wear Show at London Fashion Week

Chromat's New York Fashion Week Show Made Us Feel Seen

NYFW looks
How a Fashion Influencer Gets Dressed for New York Fashion Week

fashion rules
The Fashion Rules Stylists, Editors, and Influencers Can't Stand

met gala 2021 best dressed
The Best Fashion Moments From the 2021 Met Gala Red Carpet

nyfw trends
Are You Brave Enough for NYFW’s Top Trends?

what not to wear
What Rewatching "What Not to Wear" Taught Me About Body Image

Precious Lee
Precious Lee’s Historic Fashion Week Is the Beginning of a New Era

Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie Predicts Lots of '70s Earth Tones for Fall

How A Closet Purge Made Me Reframe My Self-Image
How a Closet Purge Made Me Reframe My Self-Image

Fashion Sex Appeal Cult Gaia
What Does Sex Appeal in Fashion Actually Mean in 2021?

What Is Preppy Style Ella Emhoff
What Is Preppy Style? 14 Pieces That Modernize the Classic Look

woman in workleisure outfit
Workleisure Outfits Are Defining Our Style in Uncertain Times

Fashion Influencers 2021 Trends Body Inclusivity Imani Randolph
9 Fashion Influencers Who Prove 2021 Trends Work on All Body Types

psychology of dressing up
What Clothes Will You Wear When the Pandemic Is Finally Over?

genderless trends
12 Genderless Trends From the Men’s Runway to Wear Right Now

Trending Jewelry
5 Jewelry Trends That Are Keeping Pace

Handkerchief Top Hailey Bieber
The Best Handkerchief Tops for Easy Style All Summer Long

power of plus campaign
Plus-Size Fashion Is About More Than Clothing: It’s Transformative

regenerative farming
How Regenerative Farming Is Making Strides in Sustainable Fashion

sandana jelly sandal
'90s Shoes That Have Us Totally Buggin'

90s workout clothes
11 '90s Workout Clothes Trends For an Instant Energy Burst

Viral TikTok Dresses from Sleeper and With Jéan
8 Viral Dresses to Snag This Summer Before They Sell Out

TikTok Fashion Influencers Ms Kristine Bryanboy
How Fashion Influencers Are Adapting to TikTok

Elizabeth Tamkin
5 Stylish Ways to Dress Up Athletic Shorts

summer trends
These 15 Fashion Trends Will Define Summer 2021

Christopher John Rogers
What Does Color Blocking Mean in Fashion?

nateisha scott leather jacket
Black Women Love and Deserve Luxury Fashion, Too

'60s Fashion Twiggy
13 Ways to Wear '60s Fashion Trends Right Now

Generation Collection Gold Jewelry
Meet Generation: An Upcycled Jewelry Brand That Champions Female Investment

How to Wear Denim Culottes, According to Fashion Experts

Ryan Destiny
12 Types of Jeans That Will Revive Your Love of Denim

Telfar bag
The Telfar Bag Is an Accessible Luxury Staple—Here's Why We Love It

Sip Sip Dress ($425)
8 Modern-Day Empire-Waist Dresses With Bridgerton-Style Flair

woman in mom jeans
What Are Mom Jeans - And Should You Wear Them?
model holding red handbag
5 Handbag Colors That Go With Everything (and Aren't Black)

Norma Kamali
6 Life Lessons I Learned From My Zoom Date With Norma Kamali

model wearing pink shirt
How to Wear Pink: 7 Ways to Style The Color

multiple people in denim
The History of Jeans: A Detailed Look at Denim Over the Decades

Poppy Barley
Poppy Barley's New Collection Uses Cactus Leather to Solve Fashion's Plastic Problem

Yolande Macon
55 Fashion Influencers to Follow for Unlimited Style Inspiration

Hobo Bag
How to Properly Take Care of Your Handbag, According to Designers

Jeans Songs
9 Songs About Blue Jeans to Put You in the Mood to Get Dressed

patchwork dress fashion trend 2021
7 Fashion Trends We’re Predicting for 2021

woman wearing bra
How to Store Your Bras Without Ruining Them, According to a Fit Expert

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake
These 2000s Clothing Trends Are Making a Comeback in 2021

Woman wearing white stacked heels
What Is a Stacked Heel? Try These 12 Pairs for Comfort and Style

Billie Eilish Outfits
20 Billie Eilish Outfits That Solidified Her As a Fashion Trendsetter