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We're here to help you in your good-hair journey—whatever that means to you. Want tips on how to transition to natural hair? We got you. What about the best curling iron that’s actually worth your money? We asked the pros to share their favorites. Whatever hair concern you have (or even if you’re just looking for some color/cut inspiration), you’ve come to the right place.
Cardi B
Cardi B Washes Her Hair with Onion Water—Here's Why

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Antioxidants Are Crucial for Healthy Hair—Here's Why

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Here's How to Get Chlorine Out of Your Hair After a Day at the Pool

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Yes, Stress Can Cause Hair Loss—Here's What You Need to Know

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Beard Oil vs. Beard Balm: Which Is Better for a Clean Look?

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Squalane Oil Can Be a Valuable Addition to Your Haircare Routine—This Is Why

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How to Use Hair Masks to Achieve (And Maintain) Healthy Hair

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6 Essential Tips to Strengthen Hair, Straight From the Experts

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10 Things You Can Use (or Do) When You Don't Have Dry Shampoo

Yara Shahidi wears large wire glasses and her natural type 3C curly hair
Type 3C Hair: What It Is and How to Care for It

The actor Simone Ashley with wavy, 2B hair
Type 2B Hair: What It Is and How to Care for It

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People Are Using Nettle Tea Rinses to Fight Hair Loss—Here's What Derms Think

A close up of the model Alanna Arrington with her naturally curly hair
Type 3A Hair: What It Is and How to Care for It

The actress Barbie Ferreira with wavy, type 2A hair
Type 2A Hair: What It Is and How to Care For It

Photo of Eden Stuart with type 4B hair in a wash-and-go style
Type 4B Hair: What It Is and How to Care for It

Writer Danielle Cohen with her 1B hair hanging lose.
Type 1B Hair: What It Is and How to Care for It

A woman in a swim cap and bathing suit, hand on her head
How to Protect Your Hair From Chlorine for Your Healthiest Summer Strands

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Can Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss? We Tapped Experts to Find Out

The actor Sienna Miller with long, straight hair on the red carpet
Type 1C Hair: What It Is and How to Care for It

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Are Towel Scrunchies Worth Adding to Your Beauty Routine?

woman combing wet hair
How to Care For Combination Hair, According to Experts

Aimee Maui Moisture
The Best Way to Hydrate Your Curls – According to Experts

Maui Moisture Hero Image
Why This One Ingredient Is So Powerful For Your Curls

woman detangling wet hair with comb
How to Detangle Your Hair, Based on Your Hair Type

Drake wears a thick, full beard and short hairstyle
The Ultimate Guide to Using Beard Filler for a Full Facial Hair Look

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This Is Why Your Hair Tangles Easily—and What You Can Do About It

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Are Scalp Massagers Worth The Hype? We Asked Experts
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Blue Shampoo Is a Must-Have For Brunettes—Here's How It Works

Actress and singer Michaela Jae Rodriguez with 2C hair.
Type 2C Hair: What It Is and How to Care for It

Woman with long dark hair
Dry Conditioner 101: All Your Questions, Answered

Woman combing her wet hair in her bathroom.
Air-Drying Your Hair: An Official Guide to Getting It Right

The actress Elle Fanning with straight, fine hair.
Type 1A Hair: What It Is and How to Care for It

Sleeping with hair down
Have Long Hair? Here's How to Protect It While You're Sleeping

A beautiful blue wide-tooth comb on a white background.
How to Detangle Extremely Matted Hair at Home

justine marjan styling woman's hair
The 10 Best Hairstylists to Follow on Instagram

Swatches of creams, powders, and gels
Tara Gum for Hair: Benefits and How to Use

Bottles with plant shadows
Nasturtium Extract for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

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Ethylhexylglycerin for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

Lavender and lavender oil
Lavender Oil for Hair: The Complete Guide

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Everything You Need to Know About Reverse Washing Hair

Paul Mitchell: Brand Review and 7 Must-Have Products

Man shaves with a straight razor
How to Shave With a Straight Razor: The Byrdie Boy Guide

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Carrot Oil for Hair Growth—Does It Actually Work?

Fekkai shampoo, conditioner, treatment masque and dry cream on a bathroom sink.
Fekkai: The Best Products and Brand Review

wild rose oil
Wild Rose Oil for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

Algae Oil for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

Yucca Extract Is a Natural (And Effective) Hair Cleanser

Anna Bernabe
Meet 6 of the Best Female Groomers in Hollywood

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Is Abyssinian Oil the Secret to Strong Strands?

Kale Has Benefits for Your Hair, Too—Here's What to Know

Keratin for Hair: All Your Questions, Answered

Quinoa Seed Extract Can Strengthen and Hydrate Hair—Here's How

Amika products
Amika Offers Playful, Luxe Haircare for Every Texture

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Tucuma Butter: What It Is, and How It Can Benefit Your Hair

Turmeric Can Help Tackle Dandruff and Hair Loss—Here's How

Wheat Protein for Hair: Benefits and How to Use It

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How to Use Eucalyptus Oil for a Calm Scalp and Healthy Hair

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Decyl-Glucoside for Hair: The Complete Guide

How to Grow Your Facial Hair Thicker and Faster

oil drops
Tea Tree Oil for Hair: The Benefits and How to Use It

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How to Use Oat Oil to Nourish Your Hair

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Zinc Pyrithione Is a Key Ingredient for Fighting Dandruff—Here's How It Works

Red haired woman combing her hair in the sunlight.
Protein Treatments for Hair: When, How, and Why to Use Them

Woman combs her fingers through her long, brown-red hair.
Selenium Sulfide and Hair Loss: Everything You Need to Know