Zosia Mamet Gets Real About the Girls Makeup That Made Her Cringe


Amanda Edwards/Contributor/Getty

After six drama-packed seasons, HBO's Girls ends this Sunday, and with it, so do the dozens of beauty moments that defined the show's quippy, millennial-centric spirit. Whether you are a die-hard fan of the series, watch it passively, or gave up after Adam and Jessa started dating in season five (seriously, what the heck?), you can't deny that Girls has inspired a generation of young women to wear buns in the shape of doughnuts, give their friends stick-and-poke tattoos, and feel not-so-shitty about their own bodies.

Undeniably, the character of Shoshanna, played by Zosia Mamet (pronounced "za-shah," by the way), gave us some of the show's most iconic beauty fodder. Her perky, fast-talking personality was complemented by a flamboyant aesthetic (think feathered hair accessories and multicolored side braids), which we looked forward to every week. Thousands of Girls fans felt like Shoshanna was their "spirit animal"—something only a Shoshanna superfan would say, am I right? And even though the real-life Mamet will miss her character as much as the rest of us, she maintains that the two have never been, and will never be, anything alike.

"Yeah, we're just super different," Mamet tells me over the phone on her way home from a Burt's Bees party. (The actress is a big skincare buff and a fan of the brand's lip balm, which she says was a go-to on set.) If nothing else, Mamet's speaking voice proves her point—it's about 10 times slower than anything we'd hear from Shosh. What do you know? Sometimes a character is just a character.

That said, we can all agree that Shoshanna was a special one. So to honor the Girls series finale, we invited Mamet to look back on some of her most memorable beauty moments—from Shosh's worst makeup look to Mamet's personal beauty evolution to which Girls character would be most likely to shave her head. Keep scrolling to read our conversation.