Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr Dishes On Her Skincare Routine and Finding Balance

Plus, she shares her tips for aspiring beauty entrepreneurs.

Miranda Kerr has many titles these days: wife, mother, spokesperson, author, and beauty entrepreneur, to name a few. Over ten years ago, she decided to invest her savings from modeling into launching her skincare brand, Kora Organics. Her vision: bring certified organic skincare products to the masses. Growing up in the small country town of Gunnedah in Australia, natural and organic living was a core part of Kerr's daily life. So, it's always been a no-brainer for her to approach skincare in the same way. Her passion for developing healthy, non-toxic skincare products is what has propelled Kora Organics to award-winning success.  

When I hopped on a Zoom call with Kerr, she was gearing up for the launch of her brand's new Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil. Though she indulged me with the ins and outs of her skincare routine, we spent an equal amount of time discussing the intricacies of her daily life. Kerr opened up about how prioritizing wellness has helped her cope during the pandemic, what it's like being a beauty brand founder, and how she's still trying to achieve work-life balance. Keep scrolling to get to know Miranda Kerr. 

How have you been starting your mornings these days?

Because I had my two babies—my one-year-old and my two-year-old—back-to-back, I was on bed rest for a bit of each of those pregnancies, so I had been used to working from home. But ever since I met my husband, he always wakes up at 5:30 AM. So, he wakes me up at 5:30 AM, and the kids generally don't wake up until 6 AM or 6:15 AM. So, I have half an hour or a little longer to do a meditation, which I really enjoy. Then, I have my shower and do my skincare routine before the kids wake up. Once the kids are up, I change their diapers and go downstairs for breakfast. Every morning without fail, I have celery juice. I have a liter of celery every morning, and even the little ones drink it. My 10-year-old drinks it as well. Then, my little one goes down for his nap at 9 AM. That's when I try to fit in a little exercise like yoga or pilates via Zoom. 

When you're getting ready in the morning, what are some of your beauty and skincare must-haves?

I love my moments in the shower. Someone said to me, "When you're a mom, and you can take a shower, it's almost like you've gone on a holiday." So, I enjoy that time. I cleansed this morning with our new Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil ($40). When you shake it, it turns to this silky, milky texture, which is beautiful. So, it cleanses your skin without stripping it. It has geranium essential oil, basil, and rose. It just smells so soothing. There's no fragrance. It's just aromatherapy. It has essential fatty acids in there with the babassu oil, and obviously, it has our silver ear mushroom in there, which helps to bind the moisture to your skin. It's the natural alternative to hyaluronic acid. So, it just helps with that moisture retention. I love that because it's good to use in the morning and also at night. It's really good to use to remove makeup. The other day, I tried it after I did the Moschino show. I wanted to test it because the show's makeup was really heavy. And it worked like a dream, which is amazing. 

I also love the Turmeric Brightening and Exfoliating Mask ($48). It has aromatherapy because of peppermint, which is very uplifting in the mornings in the shower. You can use it as a scrub, and I like to use it every other day as little microdermabrasion scrub. Or, you can leave it on while you wash your hair or whatever,  and it will dry as a deeply detoxifying mask. But most of the time, I just use it as a scrub, and it just tingles. It has rosehip seeds in there to gently exfoliate. It has your AHAs. It also has turmeric for brightening. It's just an incredible product. We also have a body wash, which I wash my body with. But I love having that kind of spa moment, with the cleansing oil and then the turmeric scrub and then the body wash. I also always end my shower with a cold burst of water. I've heard that you should do it for like two minutes. It does make a difference to my energy levels when I can withstand it for like two minutes. 

I also used Noni Bright Vitamin C Serum ($68) on my skin this morning, which helps with any pigmentation. For me, I've just been constantly fighting with pigmentation throughout my pregnancies. And this is the first certified organic vitamin C. It helps with firming the skin. It's a great serum, and it goes on beautifully underneath makeup. So I put the vitamin C serum on, and then I put my moisturizer on, and then I put on my Noni Glow Face Oil ($68). Then, on top of that, I put sunscreen. 

Miranda Kerr

Byrdie / Miranda Kerr

What's been one of the best beauty tips you've picked up from the skincare and beauty pros you've worked with throughout your career?

That's a good question. The best tip that I picked up is to put a highlighter all over my face, so not on top of my makeup but underneath it, to add an extra glow. I use our Crystal Luminizer ($28) in Rose Quartz, and I put that all over my face with the Noni Glow Face Oil ($68). Then, I use RMS Concealer ($36) as a foundation on top of that. That adds a good glow to your skin. I also learned from the lady who created RMS that you can curl your lashes with a spoon. She's a makeup artist, and she used to actually get a spoon out and curl our eyelashes with it.

As part of your passion for wellness, you launched your Wellness Wednesday segments on Instagram last year. They provided a fun way for you to connect with friends and followers. In this time, when we can't connect in person, how did those virtual meetups help you cope during the pandemic?

Well, I was quite inspired by what Miley [Cyrus] was doing. She started a program on Instagram when COVID first hit, and she had me on her show. And I just thought it was really cool and wanted to do something like it because it makes people feel less alone. You know, I'm all about health and wellness and helping people through the different tools and techniques that I've learned. So I started Wellness Wednesdays, and we're still doing it. But instead of doing it once a week—which proved to be quite a lot—we're doing it once a month now. I like to bring on people that have really been helpful to me. My first one was with Gurmukh, and she was teaching Kundalini Yoga, which has helped me a lot in my life. A variety of different people came on, and we did meditation, cooking, and whatnot. So it was just something that I thought, If anyone's at home and they're alone, this was a moment to try and help them feel good, teach them, and have them be a part of something.

Miranda Kerr

Byrdie / Miranda Kerr

Your Wellness Wednesdays series have definitely helped boost people's morale at home. What has your journey as an entrepreneur been like since launching Kora Organics?

I launched Kora over ten years ago in Australia, and it started as a very small passion project. I was just selling in Australia, and it's only been in the last three years that we've bought it to America. Now, we're in 30 different countries. I really wanted to bring powerful certified organic skincare to people. There's clean skincare. But certified organic is so much more than just clean. When you're certified organic, there's been studies on the certified organic ingredients. Cambridge did a study saying that there are up to 60% more antioxidants in a certified organic ingredient than a non-certified organic ingredient. So not only do we not use unnecessary chemicals in our products, but we're taking it so much further by using certified organic ingredients, which have more antioxidants and produce more powerful results. Being certified by ECOCERT and COSMOS is a big deal. It requires a lot of auditing and a lot of restrictions. But, it's something that gives the customer that guarantee. It's not just me that says this is clean and powerful. It's an outside body that is looking over every single thing we do. It's something that people don't understand the depth of. I think that's why a lot of companies aren't certified organic. To this day, I'm the only certified organic range that Sephora carries. It is a lot of work. But, it's something that does set us apart from other brands. 

And this is my baby. I own 95% of the company. This was my vision. I grew this business from the ground up. I didn't know anything about running a business. I had to get the right people in to help me learn and grow so that I could focus on what I'm passionate about, which is working with our organic chemists to come up with products that are really making a difference with people's skin. 

If you could give any pieces of advice to young beauty entrepreneurs, what would you tell them?

It costs so much money to run and start your business. I was lucky that I had saved my money from modeling days. My mom was an accountant, and she made sure that I was very conscious of everything. I always felt that modeling was a short-lived job. So I was like, "Oh, I better just save the money while I can." I made sure that I had that money to invest in Kora. I think that it's incredible when you start your own company, but it requires a lot. We're a profitable company, but I've never taken any money out of the company. I put it all back in to grow it. And that was over ten years ago. The reality is having your own business requires a lot of hard work and dedication in every single way. And sometimes, if people don't hear that, they don't realize the extent of that. When you have your own business, you don't really switch off. It's not like a 9-5 job where you can be like, okay, I'm done. There's no time to sit around and watch Netflix and chill. You've got a global company, and there's a lot that needs your attention. It's like a baby that you continually have to feed and nurture for it to grow. So understanding that, and if you're up for that, it's incredible, and the rewards are amazing. But I think it does require that acknowledgment that this is going to be a long road. 

Miranda Kerr

Byrdie / Miranda Kerr

How do you plan to continue using your platform to make a difference?

At Kora, we have Kora Cares. Every month, we change who and what we're donating to. So we really make sure that we are active in that. This month, in celebration of Black History Month, for every purchase on the website, consumers will be prompted with the option to donate $1, $5, or $10 to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Equal Justice Initiative or Black Lives Matter Support Fund (Tides Center) when they check out.

I love that. What are your hopes for Kora Organics and yourself this year?

Well, this year, I hope that I can continue to find that work-life balance. I think it's more important now than ever when we're all working from home. I really am conscious about putting my phone away when I'm with the kids. But, I feel like I would love to be even better at that. Because sometimes I'll just write one email while the kids are playing, and then I realize I'm not present with my kids. What's the point in being there with them if you're not present with them? So I think my goal is to have more of that work-life balance, where when I'm with the kids, I'm with the kids, and when I'm working, I'm working. 

With Kora, I want to just get it out there to people and educate them on the difference between clean beauty and certified organic beauty. I want to show them the science and the testing behind that. The more educated people are becoming, the more they realize that what they put on their skin soaks in. So I think that this year, I'd like to help people understand the differences with KORA and show them that they can get really powerful results by using certified organic skincare rather than the alternative. I think that there's so much power in certified organic beauty that people don't understand. And the more that they research it, they will.

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