Zoe Kravitz on Winding Down and The $38 Concealer She Always Carries

Zoe Kravitz YSL Interview

Courtesy of YSL Beauty

Zoe Kravitz is overflowing with confidence, determination, and power. She's settling into her seventh year as the face of YSL Beauty (a distinction she now shares with father Lenny Kravitz), and she's entering into post-production for her directorial debut, Pussy Island, set to release in 2023. On top of that, Kravitz's stride on red carpets, magazine covers, and more are nowhere near over.

Still, Kravitz is cool, calm, and collected when we connect over Zoom before the 2022 holiday season. "At the end of the year, I'm usually hanging on by a thread, and I can't wait to take a couple of weeks off," she tells us. "I like to romanticize the end of the year, but I think everyone's just tired." Who wouldn't need a break when you look at everything on Kravitz's plate?

On Being The Face of YSL Beauty

The need for R&R takes a backseat to gratitude at the moment, as Kravitz reflects on her longstanding partnership with YSL Beauty. "It's lovely when it doesn't feel like work, and you get to create things with people you care about," she says. "I've also gotten to go to some incredible places like Thailand, Japan, and Madrid to shoot campaigns." 

What Kravitz loves most about their work together is that the house embraces and celebrates her individuality. "They haven't tried to manipulate or change who I am, what I stand for, and how I look," she says. She has also loved the behind-the-scenes aspect of their collaborations, including creating lipstick shades. "I have input on what we're doing and making, so it's a great partnership."

Zoe Kravitz YSL Interview

Courtesy of YSL Beauty

On Beauty Lessons She's Learned From Her Parents

In many ways, Kravitz is intent on receiving the affirmation from her creative projects that she's received her whole life from her family. "Both my parents are people who have always marched to the beat of their drum and embraced their individuality," she says of mother and father Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz. "I was taught to care for myself, my skin, and my body, and listening to your body is a huge part of beauty. Doing your own thing is part of what makes people so beautiful," she says. "When I see someone being themselves unapologetically, that always shines through everything."

On Creating Her Iconic Beauty Looks

Kravitz gravitates toward that strong sense of self and confidence in others, and she's found that in hairstylist Nikki Nelms, who she affectionately refers to as her hair partner. "I've had quite the journey with my hair, from learning how to take care of it, love it, and accept it," she reveals. "I'm constantly changing it, and Nikki has been on that journey with me. She understands my aesthetic, and when I have an idea, she helps me bring it to life." 

Doing your own thing is part of what makes people so beautiful.

The combination of Nelm's artistry and her aura is what Kravitz cherishes the most. "Her intuition is unbelievable, and I'm fortunate to have someone who can bring the things that live in my head to life," she says. "She's also just a wonderful human to have around and has incredible energy."

Kravitz also worked with Pat McGrath on her beauty looks for The Batman. "Working with Pat McGrath was incredible to create Selina's look, and we wanted it to feel gritty, real, and modern," Kravitz says. "We also wanted to make it a bit punk, and she did such a great job with the simplicity of it. We tried to tell a story with her makeup." 

On Winding Down

As Kravitz winds down for the year and reflects on what's to come in 2023 (including her directorial debut), she's leaning into the importance of alone time and ensuring it's spent thoughtfully. "I used to come home and be on my phone for hours—scrolling through Instagram, texting people, or answering emails," she says. "But I make an effort at the end of the day to put my phone down, put on some music, light some incense, or watch a movie." Kravitz gives things her attention now, and she remarks that it feels good to focus on one thing at a time. Now, when she charges her phone at night, she leaves it in the living room, and that's made a world of difference.

Zoe Kravitz YSL Interview

Courtesy of YSL Beauty

On Her Favorite Beauty Products

During our call, Kravitz gushed about some of her favorite beauty products, including the cult-favorite YSL Beauty Touche Éclat, which she always carries in her bag. "I call it my little magic wand. I live in New York City, and I'm always in transit, so it's perfect because it fits in my purse, and I can just click it and use it. It brightens my skin and under my eyes and covers up my blemishes," she says of the iconic product.

A great beauty routine is also null without good skincare practices at the crux. Kravtiz swears by Biologique Recherche to keep her complexion vibrant. "I'm serious about washing my face morning and night. I love face masks, and Biologique Recherche has some great ones. Vivant is the best, and it's odd-smelling, but it always cleans out my pores and brightens up my skin," Kravitz says. "I love the Augustinus Bader moisturizer, and Barbara Sturm has some great serums. I really like simple skincare, and I don't like heavy fragrances in my products."

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