The 4 Magic 'C's: This Is How Zoë Foster-Blake Deals With Sleeplessness

Zoe Foster Blake

Zoë Foster-Blake wears many hats: author, founder of Go-To Skincare, influencer, creator of television shows, and mum to two of the cutest kids on social media (Sonny and Rudy, for anyone late to the party). But of course, with many hats comes great responsibility, meaning Zoë knows what it's like to burn the candle at both ends. Throw two small kids into the mix, and you're looking at a woman who's been sleep deprived within an inch of her sanity. 

The File caught up with Zoë for its Sleep Week series to ask about her sleep routine, how sleeplessness affects her creativity, and her fall-back plans for those nights: coloured lipstick, concealer, caffeine, and sweet, sweet carbs (or the four 'c's, as we will now refer to it as). Keep scrolling for the best bits of the interview (and head over to The File to read the rest).  

As far as sleep goes, enough of it is obviously paramount to functioning optimally, both physically and mentally. Zoë puts it pretty eloquently when she says, "it’s amazing the shit you can accomplish on no sleep... but it is not sustainable. I am generally okay for two days, but if I have three nights’ sh*t sleep in a row, I’m teary, I’m an asshole, and my mental health dives. As for what I literally do to cope, I’ve stopped fighting it all day in a sluggish, irritable haze. I make a nap or meditation happen." So there you go. Proof that if Zoë can make time for sleep, then so can we. 

And as for her contingency plan the morning after? "Glowy tinted moisturiser (Go-To Zincredible Tinted obviously), big mascara, creamy brightening concealer, Go-To Face Case and a bright lip crayon." And her breakfast order of choice? "A long macchiato and a croissant." 

Turns out we're not the only ones who rely on coffee, carbs, concealer and a bright lipstick after a late night. Zoë truly is a woman after our own heart. 

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