Studies Say Taking This Supplement Will Shorten Your Cold

Whenever I have a cold, I find myself more and more trying to avoid cough syrup and starting to google at-home remedies or supplements that can help me beat it. A popular search term that comes up often is zinc for colds. Not being too familiar with that particular mineral, I turned to the Care/of Scientific Advisory Board to get some answers.

"Zinc is an essential mineral that benefits the immune system," the board says. "It's also known as a trace essential element. Although we require it in very small amounts, our body doesn't naturally produce it." Zinc helps support the function of over 300 critical enzymes in our bodies and helps our metabolism, its experts note.

Most importantly, it plays a key role in strengthening our immune system. They recommend children get anywhere from three to eight milligrams a day and they recommend eight to 12 milligrams for adults.