Zendaya's Pink Lip Gloss Nails Are the Ultimate Spring Mani Inspo

So pretty.


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A pale pink manicure is always in style, but it seems that delicate, classic looks are trending hard this year, with stars like J.Lo, Nicola Peltz Beckham, and Simone Biles all opting for some variation of ultra-feminine nails. The latest star to hop onto the bandwagon is Zendaya, who debuted a perfect pale pink lip gloss manicure.

On March 20, Zendaya’s nail artist, Marina Dobyk, posted an Instagram reel showing off the Euphoria star’s immaculate pale pink lip gloss manicure. Zendaya wore a black and white striped top and paired the casual outfit with a gold signet ring with the initials “TH” written in script, obviously referring to her boyfriend, Tom Holland. The manicure is pretty classic, with a slightly overgrown length and a soft round shape that elongates the nails.

Although achieving this classic manicure can seem simple, landing on the ideal pale pink shade that fits with your skin tone and is *just* translucent enough to create dimension is like finding a needle in a haystack: Luckily, Dobyk broke down the full look.

A clean base is crucial for achieving a glossy and perfect finish in any manicure, and Dobyk first filed Zendaya’s nails and then used the Navy Helen Fine Cuticle Nips ($72) to trim her cuticles. After that, Dobyk applied a coat of the CND Creative Play Gel Polish Base Coat ($12) and then went in with the CND Shellac in Backyard Nuptials ($17) to create a pale pink base layer.

Dobyk didn’t mention using a topcoat for this mani—but if you try this out yourself, be sure to add an ultra-shiny top coat for a true lip gloss finish. Finally, cracked cuticles and dry skin can cancel out the pristine look of the neautral manicure—to avoid this, Dobyk reached for Byredo’s Hand Lotion ($75) to moisturize the star’s skin and used the Diptyque Satin Oil ($70) to nourish her cuticles.

Zendaya’s pale pink lip gloss manicure is simultaneously simplistic and glamorous, and it aligns with the delicate nail trends we’ve been seeing. The best part about lip gloss nails are the fact that they can be customized just for you, and Zendaya's choice of pale pink adds a bit of extra polish to the look, while perfectly complimenting her skin tone.

If you’ve tried the lip gloss manicure and didn’t find that it worked for your skin tone, let Zendaya be your inspiration: the right pink lip gloss shade is out there for you. It’ll take some trial and error, but you should arrive at the perfect-for-you pink in no time.

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