Copy Zendaya's Lush, Natural-Looking Curls With This Genius Trick

There truly is a science to curling your hair. Depending on which size iron you use, how you wrap your hair, and which direction you curl, no two methods will yield the same result. Curl the hair too tight and you may get what I like to call "eighth-grade dance curls," but use too big an iron and you'll have more of a wave. See? Science!

Zendaya's hairstylist knows this to be true, especially when it comes to curling already naturally curly hair. Jennifer Yepez tells Allure that it's all about "[trying] to follow the pattern of your natural curl," instead of creating random spirals throughout. She used two different-sized curling irons—1/2-inch and 3/4-inch—to create curls of varying widths that would mimic Zendaya's own curl pattern (sound familiar?). After the hair was curled, she used a wide-tooth comb to separate the curls and give them an even more natural look overall. We love the finished product and think it looks so much more I woke up like this than I spent an hour doing this. It's also important to note that these curls held up against the blustery rain at the Louis Vuitton runway show during Paris Fashion Week—a rainproof method for curly hair is enough for us to want to give the dual iron trick a go!

For soft, touchable hair instead of that crunchy feeling gel can give off, try defining your curls with the below styling cream!

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