Zendaya's Perfect Micro-French Manicure Is Peak Minimalism


Zendaya on the street

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No matter where she is or what she's doing, Zendaya knows how to make minimalist beauty look fabulous. She has a knack for making even modest beauty moves seem otherworldly (see: her dainty hair ribbon at the 2022 Emmys and her satin skin at the 2023 SAG Awards) in the same way a simplistic piece of modern art can make a major impact. Well, she's at it again with the elegantly simple micro-French manicure.

Zendaya in a saree at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre

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On April 1, Zendaya hit the red carpet to attend the opening of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Center in Mumbai, and she looked like a starry dream. The Euphoria star wore a custom saree from Rahul Mishra, a sustainable couture brand based in New Delhi, Mumbai. Rahul Mishra reveals on Instagram that Zendaya’s saree was hand embroidered with various flower, plant, and animal motifs along the skirt’s hem, a dazzling starburst design along the entire skirt and sash, plus a gold leaf bralette. Zendaya attended alongside Law Roach (who was her stylist for over a decade), and Rahul Mishra styled both of their custom looks with Bulgari jewelry.

Zendaya’s saree made her look like a heavenly garden under a clear midnight sky—and there really wasn’t much her glam team had to do to apm up the look. Still, she stunned with a subtle micro French manicure, courtesy of her nail artist, Marina Dobyk. Dobyk created an immaculate manicure with a short-ish length and round edge, which elongated Zendaya’s nails while maintaining a natural shape. Dobyk created a lip gloss base with a nudey pink nail polish and then finished the micro French manicure off with a thin white line that travels along the entire nail edge. The result was a manicure that made Zendaya's nails look worthy of being in a nail campaign—fresh, clean, and healthy.

After years of wearing chunky glitters, nail decals, and matte polishes, it seems that the entire nail industry is hitting refresh with subtle manicures that make the nails look like, well, nails. It’s why natural-leaning lip gloss and "rich girl” nails are trending and also why there has been a resurgence of the apex of “natural” nail designs: the French manicure. Still, a French manicure with a thick white tip can even be too much of a design for subdued manicure purists, which is why the “lip liner” manicure has been trending, to give the appearance of tip without overtaking a manicure as a whole.

While you can hop onto this trend with Zendaya’s classic white tip and a nude base, the micro French is more of a template than a color-by-numbers manicure. You can achieve this same minimal look with any nude base and a colorful line along the edge of the nail, or introduce vibrancy into your manicure with a bright base and an even brighter edge.

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