The 7 Best Beauty Tips We've Ever Learned From Zendaya


Getty/David Livingston

If we're surprised that Zendaya turns 20 years young today, it's only because the actress and singer perpetually schools us on beauty and culture, quietly boasting a wisdom that definitely exceeds her age. Whether she's walking the red carpet, appearing in a Beyoncé video, or even addressing criticism or haters, it's never without the utmost eloquence nor lack of insight—the girl just gets it. And from a beauty standpoint alone, she constantly surprises us. What can we say? Just in the past year or two, Zendaya has quickly become one of our all-time favorite muses.

In honor of her birthday, we thought it only fitting to count down some of the best beauty tips we've learned from this perennially rising star… so far, of course. Keep reading to see her must-know advice, from the anti-contouring trend she helped foster to her beauty philosophy. (Spoiler: There are no rules.)