These 3 Popular Clothing Stores Launched Makeup—So We Tried Them All

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Beauty people, rejoice! Turns out a few of your favorite affordable clothing stores sell more than just trendy tops and coats. They also offer a range of beauty products too. From hair masks and face primers to body shimmers and foot peels, these retailers have you covered from head to toe, literally. And while you may be used to shopping at these spots for everyday fashion staples (mid-day when you realize you have nothing to wear, if you're like us), there’s more and it involves your beauty routine. 

We know and love these stores for giving us clothing and accessories at a competitive price, but how do their beauty products fare? We’re taking a closer look at Zara, Topshop, H&M, and Forever 21 to see if they win the title of one-stop-shop Read on to see our top picks as well as the pros and cons of each line. (Spoiler alert: There are some definite must-haves in the bunch).


It could be the well-styled outfits in the window display. Or maybe it’s the “good deal” you always manage to score while browsing the sale section. No matter the reason, it’s safe to say Zara has a way of luring us in (and lightening our wallets). While the chain discontinued their beauty line in 2007, they came back with a rebrand over a decade later and we’re here for it. Though Zara’s beauty section is limited to lip products (for now), they carry all the necessities for creating a damn good one. See below for our favorites.

Zara Ultimatte Lipstick
Zara Ultimatte Lipstick $13

Created with iconic makeup artist Pat McGrath, the Ultimatte Lipsticks are available in 12 shades. We love that the matte formula is extra creamy and infused with vitamin E.

Zara Hi Matte Liquid Lipstick
Zara Hi Matte Liquid Lipstick $10

When the time calls for a traditional liquid lipstick formula, the Hi Mattes top our list because of their rich color payoff and comfortable, flake-free finish.

Zara Line It Up Lip Pencil
Zara Line It Up Lip Pencil $6

Easy to apply and available in six shades, we found the Line It Up Lip Pencils gave a defined application with just one go-around.

Pros of the line:

The black matte packaging and magnetic closure feel ultra-luxe and the lipstick formulas are extremely comfortable.

Cons of the line:

The products are only available online and we find ourselves craving more color products (eyes, cheek, etc.).


Topshop is one of those retailers that makes pushing the envelope accessible, and when it comes to their selection of beauty products, the inspiration continues. Featuring a complete range of products, Topshop’s beauty department offers lip, eye, and cheek products. We got the lowdown on the line’s must-haves from Georgina Graham, the makeup artist and beauty consultant in charge of creating Topshop's beauty campaigns.

Topshop Glow Pot
Topshop Glow Pot $12

With a growing following and stamp of approval from Graham, the Glow Pots are loved for their creamy texture and luminous finish. Her tip for getting the most ethereal, lit-from-within finish is to “apply to the high-points of your face immediately after skincare (and before makeup base) using a pat-and-roll stippling technique."

Topshop Ultra Matte
Topshop Ultra Matte $9

One of the more clever products in the range, Graham says to place this transforming product “over any existing makeup, from foundation to lipstick, to transform the texture to matte.”

Topshop Chameleon Eyeshadow
Topshop Chameleon Eyeshadow $9

Named one of Topshop’s hero products, Graham loves that the Chameleon Eyeshadows add "a festive and cool pop of holographic color.”

Pros of the line:

You can walk out with enough products for a full face of makeup and the pigmentation is A-1.

Cons of the line:

The complexion products could use more shade selections.


Whether you pop in for an interview-worthy blazer or a last-minute New Years Eve dress, H&M is the go-to fashion retailer no matter the occasion. You walk in because of the red neon sign but you stay for the insanely attractive prices, and this rings true even when it comes to their beauty department. With over 700 products to pick through, there’s enough to keep you coming back for more. Our picks, below.

H&M Nail Polish
H&M Nail Polish $6

These nail polishes hit the trifecta—long-lasting formulas, an easy-to-use brush, and a varying selection of colors and finishes.

H&M Pep Walk Foot Mask
H&M Pep Walk Foot Mask $10

A slip-sock infused with moisturizing shea butter, this mask softens and calms tired feet—perfect for post-shopping lounging.

H&M Bronzer
H&M Bronzer $10

With different finishes ranging from matte to satin, we found the bronzers to have a rich color payoff without compromising easy blending.

Pros of the line:

They have the most extensive beauty line of the bunch and offer a variety of makeup sets.

Cons of the line:

We’d love to see more blush and bronzer shades for varying skin tones.

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