Inside a Pop Star's Beauty Routine, Featuring Zara Larsson

If you don’t have Zara Larsson’s zesty summer anthem–to-be, “Lush Life,” stuck in your head yet, you’re about to. In fact, within the next year, your life (and Instagram feed) are en route to explode with the fresh-faced Swedish teen, who’s quickly spreading her pop icon status from Europe to the U.S.

But let’s say you’re not currently humming Zara’s single or double-tapping her posts. Maybe you’ve seen her digital campaign with Clinique, #PlayWithPop. In celebration of the brand’s new highly pigmented Lip Pop colors, Zara performs “Lush Life” in four different musical genres, each correlating with a different Clinique hue.

She does so in an interactive music video, where at the tap of a screen you can see Zara instantly change genre, vibe, and overall look. (Warning: It’s very clever and freakishly addictive to play with). Watch the trailer below, and click here for the interactive, full-length version.



But speaking of Zara's look, we couldn’t help but wonder: How does an 18-year-old on the verge of pop stardom go about shaping her image? It has to be a carefully considered process. And it's not everyday that one gets the chance to hear a burgeoning chart-topper spill her secrets before skyrocketing into the hazy, untouchable sphere that is celebrity.

Luckily, when we met Zara at SXSW this year, she was eager to divulge. Sporting pink stiletto nails and white-blonde hair, her look was distinct and purposeful, a sign that her image-refining process has already begun. 

All candor and smiles (Did we mention the girl has braces?? So cute.), Zara dished to us about her on-stage persona, her must-have products, and why she’s currently entering her “Rihanna era.”

To peek behind the scenes of Zara Larrson’s beauty life, keep reading!

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