Exclusive: Zac Posen on Face Steaming, Rihanna, and His New MAC Collab



It’s been a busy few weeks for Zac Posen. After wrapping up three collections at New York Fashion Week (where his racially diverse model lineup garnered him a thunderous ovation), he headed to L.A. for the launch of his new MAC collaboration, after which he went right into the last-minute chaos of Oscars dressing. Some might deal with this by gulping coffee by the cupful, emotions haywire—not Posen. In fact, the dapper designer seemed disarmingly Zen and cheerful when I meet him at the stoic Frank Lloyd Wright–designed Ennis House, tucked in the privacy of the Hollywood Hills. When asked about who he planned on dressing for this year’s Academy Awards, he gave a little shrug and smiled. “I came out here first 15 years ago with a suitcase, not really knowing anybody, knocking on doors, and now we’ve had so many special and incredible moments that I just don’t stress about it,” he said. “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be, and if it’s not, you’ve always got next year.”

His easygoing charm and eye for sleek, flattering silhouettes have appealed to a wide audience (he replaced Michael Kors as a Project Runway judge in 2011) and earned him a stamp of approval from Hollywood elite like Naomi Watts and Rihanna (both of whom have worn his designs on the red carpet). And now, it’s earned him a makeup collection. His forest green 10-piece MAC collection not only looks luxe but also feels luxe. The lipsticks are weighty, and the shades range from soft and demure to bold and striking—not unlike the clothes Posen has designed for over 10 years. The silky formulas and rich jewel tones of his first-ever (and possibly not last) makeup collection give it all an undeniable sense of luxury. You simultaneously want to immediately apply everything and just stand back and admire it in all of its glory. Which isn’t surprising in the least—after all, it is Zac Posen.

Want to know Posen’s favorite piece in the collection? What about his oh-so-L.A. skincare secret? Keep scrolling to find out.