Youthforia's New Face Wash Isn't Like Any Cleanser in Your Current Routine

Youthforia's new Night Off Face Wash


Youthforia has a proven track record of creating buzzy products. The brand debuted in 2021 with its viral color-changing BYO Blush and has since released a widely talked about primer and setting spray (the latter won a Byrdie Beauty Award this year). Youthforia's fun-to-use products and playful packaging have undoubtedly become brand trademarks. However, it's the innovative formulas that truly make it stand out. 

Founder Fiona Chan created her company intending to develop makeup that was so good for your skin that it was safe to sleep in (i.e., plant-based, fragrance-free formulas). However, to our surprise (and Chan's, too), Youthoria's newest product isn't in the makeup category. Enter: the Night Off Face Wash—a gentle, deep cleanser that promises to wash away every bit of gunk. Ahead, Chan shares more on how the brand's first skincare product came to be.

The Inspiration

As mentioned, Chan never set out to create skincare products. However, she saw the need for innovation in the cleanser category when she began testing foundations (the brand has plans to launch its own in the future). "As I was testing different foundations, I realized a lot of waterproof formulas don't wash off because of their silicone bases," she explains. "I would double cleanse, use makeup remover or micellar water, and still have residue on my skin."

Over time, Chan noticed that this negatively affected her skin. "I noticed that my skin would be very dehydrated on the patches where the makeup wasn't fully washing off," she says. With this in mind, she pivoted her attention from foundation testing to developing the Night Off Face Wash last year. "I went through 40 or so formulas, and this was the only one that worked," she adds.

The Formula

Youthforia Night Off Face Wash
Youthforia Night Off Face Wash $32.00

The cleanser is powered by apricot seed oil and green tea. The former helps manage sebum in pores, lock in moisture, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The latter is loaded with antioxidants (catechins and tannins) that help boost radiance and reduce the appearance of pores. You'll also notice green tea leaves in the formula when you use the cleanser. "They gently exfoliate your skin and remove makeup buildup," Chan shares. "I can't use acids, so I prefer to physically exfoliate with a product like this." 

Surfactants are also present in the formula to help remove dirt, sunscreen, and makeup. ​​"We use naturally-derived surfactants," Chan notes. "With surfactants, there's a head and a tail, and one attaches to water-based ingredients, and one attaches to oil or silicone-based ingredients to help break everything down. Typically, surfactants are stripping, so we had to find a gentle version."

How to Use It 

Chan recommends lathering a quarter size amount of the Night Off Face Wash in your palms and mixing it with lukewarm water until it foams. Then, massage it all over your skin for at least a minute before rinsing. If you want an even deeper cleanse, you can repeat this process. 

The face wash can, of course, fit seamlessly into your existing morning and evening skincare routine. However, on the days you plan to wear makeup, Chan suggests following this method: "After realizing how certain pigments stain your skin, I've found that the perfect routine is to apply primer first to protect your skin. Afterward, I continue with my makeup routine. I prefer to use a setting spray instead of a waterproof foundation because it's easier to remove. At the end of the day, I wash everything off with the Night Off Face Wash."

What's Next for the Brand?

Are there plans for more Youthforia skincare launches now that Night Off Face Wash is here? According to Chan, that is yet to be determined. "My first passion is making a full line of Youthforia makeup," she tells us. "If I go further into skincare, the products will be made with makeup in mind. I think of your skincare and makeup routine as one."

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