This Is Your Body on a Diet: An Infographic


Urban Outfitters

We've all been there: It's day two of your new clean eating plan, the coffee withdrawal has kicked in, and you can't stop thinking about McDonald's french fries. Your co-worker innocently suggests Shake Shack for lunch. She didn't do anything wrong, you remind yourself with clenched fists before mustering up a half-hearted smile and a feeble "No thanks!" Why did you decide to do this again?

No, it's not you. It might not even be the diet plan you chose, at least not specifically. It's science—from cravings to fatigue to an initial loss of water weight, there's sort of a blueprint for the way your body reacts to a new, cleaner eating plan. And knowing exactly what to expect might just make it easier to navigate and power through that first initial challenge to find health and happiness on the other side; trust us—it's there. (Again, science.)

Take a look: 

Did you know that your body reacts like this to a diet? Got any tips for getting through those first three days or breaking out of a plateau? Sound off below!