These 2 Girls Have Amazing Braiding Skills—and the Internet Is Shook

Braiding is a complex technique to master. Truth be told, I am a 25-year-old woman and spent weeks trying to pick up the habit and was not successful. There are YouTube tutorials and then there are the OnnaSlay sisters' videos—their braids are next level. What makes their videos even more mesmerizing is that Aiyonnah is 8 years old and her sister Jayonna is 10 years old, and they're essentially professional braid stylists. Prepare to be blown away by this video of Jayonna doing Lemonade-inspired braids. 

The precision is next-level. And look at how defined those cornrows are. She's taking her time paying attention to the detail of each braid and making sure they're perfect—hence the moment when she stopped and started again in the clip when the results weren't up to par with her standards. You go, girl. The sisters have become viral sensations overnight because people—myself included—are completely in awe of their incredible skills at such a young age.

And their skills don't stop at cornrows. Another video was posted on Facebook last week of Aiyonnah doing box braids with triangle parts to a client who looked close to her age. As a little girl, it would've been my dream to get my hair braided by friends my age at sleepovers. These two sisters are truly ahead of the game, and with skills like this, opening up their own braiding salon needs to be in their near future.

Even popular Instagram page The Shade Room posted one of their videos, which racked up over 500,000 likes and 33,000 comments.

Wondering how the sisters acquired such skills before hitting middle school? Their mom, Ashley, happens to be a professional hairstylist in Southern California and trained them up young to do styles on her clients.

"They [saw] me braiding so much they just picked up on it," Ashley told Allure in an interview. "Jayonnah started twisting her dolls' hair at two years old and was braiding very quickly after that."

According to Allure, by the time Jayonnah was 4 years old, she could execute a fishtail braid. Aiyonnah picked up the skill when she was 5 years old and has been braiding ever since. "I just guided them to keep the braids smooth, nice and clean," Ashley told the publication.

Are you as amazed as l am? To keep up with the sisters' braid slays, you can follow them on Instagram to see their latest styles—on dolls and on humans. You can also follow along on Facebook with their 61,000 subscribers who can't get enough of their styles. I'll be a regular viewer.

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