11 Yoga Poses for Beginners to Try Today

Team Byrdie can't say enough good things about yoga. I even monitored my heart rate during a recent session to prove that it's much more than stretching and breathing—yoga gets your heart pumping. Working on your practice also helps you sleep better and prepares you for stressful situations (read: no more tense shoulders and clenched jaw). If you stick to it, you'll experience improved joint mobility, boosted metabolism, and a body that's stronger than 99% of your peers. See? Yoga is no joke. And the best part is that you don't need to sign up for ClassPass to reap its benefits—you can do it right in your living room (with Netflix paused, of course).

But what if you have no idea where to start? Each and every one of us has been an amateur yogi at some point—it's all about understanding the basics. Hence, we tapped Jenny Chen, a certified yogi, for the must-know yoga poses for beginners. She did us one better and created an entire sequence that will take you from position to position so you can flow through an entire sequence on your own. Below, take a look at her step-by-step guide.

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