The 5-Breath Yoga Move for Long, Lean Legs

We admit we’re total suckers for an efficient fitness tip especially when our schedules (and bodies) are in overdrive around a whirlwind of holiday planning. High on our goals list at the moment is strong but not bulky legs that we can show off come spring. And while we’ve covered one Bar Method technique before, exhaustive hour-long ballet workouts just aren’t possible for everyone. That’s why we decided it might be a wise (and Zen) idea to look to the practice of yoga.

We chatted with Chloe Kernaghan, co-founder of Sky Ting Yoga—the trendy new oasis that’s been the talk of the wellness world since it opened its doors in New York this past July—and asked her to share one secret to attain the leggy look sans bulk.

Kernaghan immediately started singing the praises of triangle pose. Because, as she puts it, “You're required to really use the feet building up into the legs for strength, so you feel a super-integrated activation and a great sense of stability.”

To practice triangle position, Kernaghan said to stand with “the legs straight with oppositional rotation (front thigh is working to turn out, as back thigh works to turn in), which will give you tone and make you feel longer—not to mention all the space you get in your torso." She also says it will leave you “feeling elegant and powerful!”

Kernaghan’s yogi solution takes just five long breaths and seems so peaceful it might be the Zen pose our minds need to power through the new year. Follow along with Yogic Life’s step-by-step video below, just don’t forget your Mio Clean Slate Workout Wipes ($37).


Yogic Life via YouTube

Do you practice yoga? What’s your favorite pose to build strong, lean legs? 

Opening Image: The Haute Sweat