This Yoga Sequence Will Help You Fall Asleep in 10 Minutes


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Some nights (or most nights, in our case), sleep doesn’t come easy. Especially after a hectic day, settling your frazzled mind and body into restoration mode is a task easier said than done. (Tossing and turning until dawn, anyone?)

We already know the best conditions for a solid night of sleep—and even the best time to go to sleep—but what if you still can’t seem to catch any z’s? Yoga may be your solution.

Even if you don’t fancy yourself a yogi, flowing through a calming sequence of stress-relieving movements and stretches can make all the difference in your disposition. After all, mind-body tension is the ultimate sleep deterrent—and science shows that yoga can help with that, both now and in the longer-term.

Thankfully, yoga-extraordinaire Alexis Novak was able to oblige us with an easy, sleep-inducing sequence. This one goes out to our fellow insomniacs: Change into comfy clothes, sip on a cup of herbal tea, and roll out your mats. It’s time for some rest.

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