This Woman Is Challenging What It Means to Have a "Yoga Body"



As immensely helpful as yoga can be on the road to physical self-acceptance, there's something quite vulnerable—even potentially overwhelming—about putting your body on display in class. While the practice is meant to be highly personal, it can be difficult to separate yourself from everyone else in the room, playing the comparison game and imagining their eyes on you as you attempt to contort yourself into a challenging pose. Is it really a judgment-free zone?

But one teacher has set out to make her classes the ultimate safe space for all bodies and levels, challenging the notion that we have to look a certain way in order to feel truly comfortable in class. After discovering that yoga significantly improved her confidence and anxiety, Dana Falsetti set out to spread the message to other women dealing with the same issues. She now leads workshops across the country, emphasizing that yoga is a spiritual practice with no size requirements or restraints. "Come to yoga to find out how you feel, not judge how you look. We do enough of that anyway," she says. The ultimate takeaway: Every body is a yoga body.

Learn more about Dana's message in The Cut's video below.

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