The Secret to Getting Rid of Acne Is… Yoga?



Yoga is a healing practice in so many ways: It's like a cheaper version of therapy that also strengthens our muscles. But while yoga heals our minds and our bodies, did you know it can also heal acne? Well + Good blew our minds by recently sharing that not only can different positions and breathing practices diminish pesky pimples—a surprise in itself—but also that certain poses can actually target specific types of acne, too. Have an inflamed pimple? Try hidden lotus. Unsightly whitehead? Try doing backward bend. Really.

Shrankhla Holecek, the founder of Ayurvedic skincare brand Uma, explains that one of the first methods of action an Ayurvedic doctor will prescribe someone with acne is breath work. This is because pranayama, a breathing meditation in yoga, helps reduce stress-causing breakouts. Different poses help prevent and heal existing acne as well because the movement stimulates detoxification. The blood circulation helps to deliver oxygen to the skin, and different poses aid in digestion and hormonal balance, meaning you can treat virtually every type of acne, whether it's a bacterial breakout or deep-seated PMS-related pimple.

But before you hit downward dog and child's pose with abandon, Holecek says you need to tailor your poses to your dosha, or your energy. This helps determine our skin and body tendencies. Take a look at our Ayurvedic skincare tips to find out which dosha you fall under, and then read the rest of Holecek's prescribed yoga poses to help acne nama-stay away (sorry).


While you work on your practice, we suggest applying a bit of Holecek's face oil. Its antimicrobial properties help diminish acne, and tea tree, lavender, and clary sage essential oils regulate the skin's natural sebum and oil production for clear, beautiful skin. The best part: It's all-natural.

Which dosha are you? Tell us below!