Yes, You Can Wear Yellow Eyeshadow: Here's How

yellow eyeshadow


Yellow eyeshadow might be something you've never attempted to wear, but this bright and sunny hue has become one of the most popular shades as of late. From celebrities on the red carpet, to beauty mavens on Instagram, we've been served a lot of yellow eyeshadow looks that are as mouth watering as tall glass of iced lemonade. But how exactly should you execute a yellow eyeshadow look?

One of the most common misconceptions about yellow is that it's a hard color to wear, but that is simply not true. In fact, the most amazing thing about yellow is that it's incredibly diverse and all skin tones can wear it. There are so many versatile shades that it looks flattering on everyone. If you have fair skin, try a light pastel yellow; for olive skin, golden yellow and marigold tones look stunning, and for dark skin tones, almost any shade of yellow will do. From soft to neon, the possibilities are endless.

Keep scrolling for some yellow eyeshadow looks we love!

The Graphic Eyeliner

Photo by @bellinajewel_

If you're someone who wants to simply wear eyeliner, this graphic yellow liner look is the perfect example of using one shade of yellow to make the right statement. The curvature of the lines, finished with subtle dots are a work of art. For this look, you can use an eyeliner to create whatever kind of graphic liner you want, whether it be as simple as a wing, or something more detailed. If you find you want to intensify the color, apply yellow eyeshadow on top for more vibrancy. Finish with a soft blush to add color to the cheeks, and a soft lip color.

Colourpop Cosmetics
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A Touch of Marigold

Photo by @muadrianna

This look is the perfect example of combining two shades of yellow, one more pastel and the other, marigold. The two tones together offer a contrast that works together so well, and allows for a little diversity. To achieve this look, simply blend eyeshadow all over the eye and underneath, with an eyeshadow contouring brush, and finish by drawing the wing with a yellow liquid eyeliner. You can pair this eyeshadow look with a soft, natural toned lipgloss, like Lâncome Juicy Tubes Lipgloss in "Simmer" (great throwback product, no?)

When working with eyeshadow, sometimes the fallout on the cheeks and under the eyes is inevitable. Use a Beautyblender Joy sponge to buff out any excess shadow and soften the edges around the eyes for a perfectly clean finish.

Dior Show
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Monochrome Lids and Highlight

Image by @ariellyuu

This monochromatic yellow eyeshadow look paired with orange lipstick is gorgeous, and we love how the yellow continues on the cheek as a subtle highlight and blush. The tones blend together so beautifully. To wear this look, apply a gold cream eyeshadow as a base to the eyelid, then blend powder shadow on top lightly, allowing the glistening finish from the cream shadow to still peek through ever so slightly. Use a cheek and lip cream color to keep consistent with the monochromatic feel, and after you've applied the blush, lightly blend the same golden- yellow cream shadow on top of the blush as a highlight. You can wear all of the colors as soft, or bold as you prefer.

Hourglass Cosmetics
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A Glossy Accent of Neon

Image by @nastya.ziggy

Hello, neon yellow! This lustrous yellow lid shows off a touch of gloss, along with a soft neon hue which brightens skin tone. While you might have been intimidated by neon makeup in the past, this is the perfect example of how neon can look soft enough to wear every day. The contrast of the blue underneath really helps the yellow to stand out, making it a wearable eyeshadow look for anyone wanting to experiment with something new. You can use any contrasting color under the lash-line that you choose.

After your eyeshadow has been applied, add a light touch of gloss to the lid and finish with a few coats of your favorite thickening mascara. Having trouble with applying makeup due to poor lighting? Try applying eyeshadow while using this Riki Loves Riki Skinny Lighted Vanity Mirror to really see the color up close.

Huda Beauty
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A Soft Pastel Finish

Image by @thefantasticmirror

This soft touch of pastel yellow is perfect for anyone wanting to try yellow eyeshadow but wants to tread lightly. With rosy cheeks and a soft lip color, everything blends together nicely to create a romantic makeup look. To re-create this eyeshadow, all you need to do is apply a soft and light yellow tone on the eyelid, and blend with a slightly warmer tone (think light bronze) in the crease to add dimension. Brush through eyebrows with a thickening pomade and finish with mascara.

Lime Crime
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The Abstract Accent

Image by @theadelaidehipster

This bold swatch of yellow shadow on the lids is a beautiful abstract way of wearing color, and allows you to be a little messy with application so that it's not entirely perfect. With a texture almost like paint, you can smudge the color right on the eyelid and underneath the eyes, without having to do any complicated blending. Pull off this look by using a yellow cream or paint that's suitable for the face, and lightly play up the rest of your features with bronzer and a natural nude lip. If you're using a texture like paint, remember, you can always mix the colors you want to get the perfect tone. For instance, the MAKE UP FOR EVER Flash Palette has gold, yellow, and white, allowing you to mix the colors you want together to get exactly what you want.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Flash Palette $99

If you're struggling with how to apply the paint on the eyelid, tap lightly with your fingers to blend after mixing, or use a soft eyeshadow brush to apply and tap on the color until you get the desired pigment. Be sure to thoroughly cleanse your face of makeup every night before bed, especially the eye area. These Face Halo Makeup Remover Pads help remove makeup entirely before cleansing with your go-to cleanser.

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