Yarn Twists Are One of the Most Cost-Effective, Protective Styles

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If you’re the experimental type that likes to play around with color and protective styles, yarn twists are a fun way to update your everyday look. Melding your natural hair with yarn will help give your tresses a break without altering your texture. Moreover, it’s a suitable pick for both casual or formal occasions and can be styled in several ways.

There is a wide variety of yarn out there, but some materials are easier on your hair than others. Acrylic yarn is a popular choice since it is affordable, lightweight, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. On the contrary, wool and other natural blends can be used, but be advised that these materials may strip hair of moisture or cause overheating (depending on the season). Ahead, 15 ways to wear yarn twists, one of our favorite cost-effective, protective styles.

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Black is a classic color that can match any outfit or makeup look you have planned, so it’s not a bad choice for a yarn twist newbie. Going for chunkier twists will ensure your natural hair is completely tucked away.

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Fire Engine Red

Show off your bold or romantic side with vibrant, fiery yarn twists. Opting for a jumbo size and styling your twists half-up, half-down can add a touch of edge. Bonus points if you can manage to swoop the top part into a bun.

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Denim Twists

The best part of yarn twists are the color combinations you can create. Weaving together blue and white gives off a denim-like appearance that is sure to match your favorite favorite jacket or jeans.

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Boho Brown

When yarn isn’t enough to display your bohemian spirit, implement a few metallic threads to accessorize your twists. Sticking to thin, medium-length twists in a natural shade like brown will give off lowkey vibes.

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Peekaboo Gray Bob

Yarn twists don’t have to be Rapunzel-length to work. Wrapping your hair in a jaw-grazing bob can be an elegant option.

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Rainbow Twists

Make use of a multicolored yarn pack and create a beautiful rainbow on top of your head. If you’re feeling extra artsy, you can alternate colors within your twists or dedicated sections.

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Natural Streaks

Yarn twists can allow you to experiment even with natural shades. This includes blonde, black, and brown–and if you can’t decide between them, you can intertwine all three.

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Baby Turquoise

If you like mermaid colors (but want to maintain an edge), you can choose chunky pastel turquoise yarn twists and style it asymmetrically. This look can also be applied to one-sided buzz cuts.

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Chili and Turmeric

Mixing warm and spicy yarn shades is one way your twisted hairstyle can steal the show. Going with a chili powder hue and adding a pop of turmeric at the base of your head creates a neat peekaboo effect.

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All Gray

Embracing grays has certainly gained popularity in recent years (for good reason), and yarn twists are a great way to join in on this trend without the processing or waiting for natural graying.

Pairing long twists with a cool-toned gray yarn can help blend emerging grays.

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Neutral Brown

Going for a neutral shade of brown will suits both warm and cool skin tones. If you prefer your hairstyles to have a tidier look, we suggest you wrap your hair in thin twists.

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Charming Twists

Opting for a brunette-level yarn is one way to bring out deeper skin tones. Pairing medium-sized yarn twists with metallic hair braid charms is an elegant way to accessorize.

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Burgundy Bob

If a regular yarn twist bob isn’t enough for you, you should consider adding a splash of color. Burgundy is a stunning shade of red that won’t distract from your features.

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Violet Twist Bun

A deep shade like violet complements nearly every skin color and adds a touch of vibrancy. It also looks very regal when pulled up into a twisted bun.

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Highlighted Half-Up-Half-Down

The 90s are back, and that includes the iconic chunky highlights from the era. Implementing large, brown yarn twists with pops of blonde is a great way to get in on the throwback aesthetic.

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