Yara Shahidi Swears By This Iranian Skincare Secret


Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Over the phone, it’s hard to believe this girl was born after Y2K.

In some circles, 17-year-old actress Yara Shahidi is best known for her award-winning role as Zoey Johnson on the ABC sitcom Black-ish; in others, she is recognized for her awe-inspiring beauty look (think: effortless curls and cheekbones higher than the Chrysler building). And increasingly, the young performer is earning respect for her unswerving social conscience, for speaking out about the importance of intersectional feminism and representing diverse identities in the media at every turn. All of this sounds intimidatingly impressive, but somehow, talking with Shahidi is easy—her demeanor is laid-back, familiar, and at the same time, makes you wonder what the hell you were doing with your life at 17.

We know this for sure because the other week, we got to chat with Shahidi in honor of her collaboration with Clean & Clear—a partnership that makes sense considering her longtime commitment to skincare. The actress is half Iranian-American, half African-American, and she says both sides of the family have taught her the importance of skin health. “To focus on eating well and taking care of the skin that you’re in—that’s something that I’ve learned from my mother, my grandmothers, everybody in my family,” she says.

Shahidi has a lot of things figured out way before most people, and beauty is just one of them. Keep scrolling to learn six genius beauty secrets from Hollywood’s most impressive teenager, told in her own words.