Would You Color Your Brows?

When most girls get bored with their hair, they cut it, or dye it, or maybe get a new ear piercing. But Hannah Bronfman? The DJ found an entirely new way to shake up her look: coloring in her brows—with blue! She’d been thinking about it all summer, she says, “and when Dior did the gold eyebrows I took it as a sign.”

Bronfman mixed the colors in her Make Up For Ever Palette ($99). “I wanted to complement the color of my dress, so I went for a lighter blue versus a darker one,” she says. “I painted on the color with an eyebrow brush—the real key is remembering that the color is on there!”

Turns out Bronfman’s aunt, ByTerry founder Terry de Gunzberg, told her to ditch her lipsticks—this season is all about the eyes. So we want to know, would you give colorful eyebrows a shot?