Celebrities Share Their Favorite Workouts (and the Ones They Can't Stand)

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More often than not, staying in tip-top shape is in a celebrity’s job description. Because of this, I tend to assume that even the least sporty celebs reach a point where they enjoy working out. Personally, I can’t imagine a version of myself that likes spinning, but if my career depended on it, who knows? Maybe I’d catch the bug.

Of course, everybody has their personal fitness tastes—some are Zumba people; some are hiking people—and here at Byrdie, we’ve explored the workouts celebrities love. (For example, Gabrielle Union loves Pilates and Gigi Hadid is a die-hard boxing fan.) But everything has its opposite, which got me thinking: What are the workouts celebrities hate?

As it turns out, celebrities are more than willing to spill the truth about the exercises they’ve tried in the past but will never willingly try again. (Spoiler: There’s a lot of distaste for SoulCycle in Hollywood.) Here are the workouts that Ashley Graham, Emma Stone, and other celebrities hate (plus the ones they can actually stand).

Kourtney Kardashian

Least Favorite: SoulCycle

“SoulCycle—it’s just not for me. I go in; I feel like I have no clue what I’m doing, no clue about turning that knob thing; I can’t tell the difference between one move and the next. It’s just so not for me. And the music is not for me. I don’t know, maybe I’ve been to the wrong classes—I’ve only tried it twice—and maybe I’ve had the wrong teacher. But every time I’ve been, I’m like, Why on earth? How is everyone obsessed with this?

Favorite: At-Home Trainer

My favorite workout is at home with my trainer because it’s fun. I like being at my house. We go to the basketball court where my kids can play, and we turn on music. Khloé will usually come. The other day, I did [a workout] with Khloé and Rob. Or my friends Stephanie and Jen will come over. ... We’ll usually do those on the weekends so we don’t feel like we’re torturing ourselves.”

Emma Stone

Least Favorite: Weight Training

“I had a trainer during Spider-Man, and I discovered that I have deep-seated rage when I’m holding heavy weights over my head. Whatever dormant anger I have in me, that’s where it comes out.”

Favorite: Pilates

“If there isn’t someone yelling in my face, then I’m just not into it. Pilates is the one thing that makes me happy while I’m doing it.”

Jessica Alba

Least Favorite: Plyometrics

“I hate plyometrics—any jumping or squatting...I want to die. It makes me feel nauseous."

Favorite: Group Classes

I really like taking group classes, or I like to work out with friends. I like high-intensity workouts; I like moving around a lot. I don’t like a lot of repetition. I like spin classes, depending on the teacher and the playlist. I do like hot yoga classes if it’s done at a good pace. I prefer it mixed in with light weights, so like a sculpting hot yoga class. I’ll always work out with a friend because it’s more fun.”

Gabrielle Union

Least Favorite: Treadmill

"I like to mix it up so I don’t get anxiety staring at the treadmill. Cardio could be jumping jacks, running up my driveway, side shuffles like I used to do in basketball, an elliptical, treadmill or sled pushes."

Favorite: Pilates

"The great thing about Pilates is that I can take out my annoyance from waking up early on the machines instead of human beings. It's for the greater good. My body responds to it, and I'm also more clear."

Katy Perry

Least Favorite: Personal Trainer

“When someone is pushing me to work out because I need it, I just really can’t. I do it, but I don’t like it.”

Favorite: Hiking

“Any kind of workout [where I can go] hiking with my girlfriends. ... I like working out on my own.”

Julianne Moore

Least Favorite: Spinning

“My girlfriend was like, ‘Let’s go spinning!’ I went and was like, ‘Oh my god, my head hurts from the yelling and yelling and yelling.’ It was too much stimulation for me. My friend loved it because it got her energized and excited, but for me, I just got overwhelmed.”

Favorite: Ashtanga Yoga

“I do Ashtanga yoga three times a week, and I run a couple of times a week too. I really like yoga; I enjoy the actual doing of it, so it doesn’t feel like the agony of [what] the gym felt like to me.”

Ashley Graham

Least Favorite: Burpees

 “I hate anything about burpees, I hate jumping."

Favorite: Aerial Yoga

“It strengthens your upper back and OMG, it works your core too."

She posted this video on Instagram doing an aerial yoga workout. "This is called the mermaid position, but I definitely didn’t feel like Ariel because my core was on FIRE!!!" she wrote.

Priyanka Chopra

Least Favorite: Scheduled Gym Time

"I want to hit the gym but I work 15-hour days and I’m exhausted by the end of it. Honestly, I work out only when I need to. My body responds very quickly to exercise, so I don’t need too long to tone up and get into shape.”

Favorite: Push-Ups

"Push ups are my favorite exercise," she jokingly captioned an Instagram photo as she sits on top of her husband, Nick Jonas, as he performs a push-up.

The couple have been exercising outside together, with their workouts consisting of lunges and squats using dumbbells. “He’s an in-house piano teacher, an in-house physical trainer, and an in-house writing partner."

Lauren Conrad

Least Favorite: The Gym

“I’m just not a fan of the gym. In fact, I hate it. I understand loving the feeling you get after working out all those endorphins. But going there? It’s the worst.”

Most Favorite: Anything Outdoors

“I just like getting out, like going on a hike, going on the kayaks, going for a run on the beach.”

Gigi Hadid

Least Favorite: SoulCycle

“I tried SoulCycle one time. I hated it. It was the worst thing ever. Very sorry, SoulCycle, I just didn’t get it.”

Favorite: Boxing

“You get so into it mentally that you forget you’re working out, so by the end of the hour, you always want more.”

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