You'll Never See Kourtney Kardashian Doing This Workout

More often than not, staying in tip-top shape is in a celebrity’s job description. Because of this, I tend to assume that even the least sporty celebs reach a point where they enjoy working out. Personally, I can’t imagine a version of myself that likes spinning, but if my career depended on it, who knows? Maybe I’d catch the bug.

Of course, everybody has their personal fitness tastes—some are Zumba people; some are hiking people—and here at Byrdie, we’ve explored the workouts celebrities love. (For example, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley swears by trainer Simone De La Rue’s dance cardio workouts, and Adriana Lima is a die-hard boxing fan.) But everything has its opposite, which got me thinking: What are the workouts celebrities hate?

As it turns out, celebrities are more than willing to spill the truth about the exercises they’ve tried in the past but will never willingly try again. (Spoiler: There’s a lot of distaste for SoulCycle in Hollywood.) Keep scrolling to discover the workouts that Gigi Hadid, Emma Stone, and other celebrities hate (plus the ones they can actually stand).