Surprise! These Beauty Vitamins Are Seriously Overrated


Pepe Leon

In this day and age, we're fully aware of the fact that beauty starts on the inside, both literally and figuratively. Literally speaking, what we put in our bodies has just as much of an effect on our hair, skin, and nails as what we slather on our bodies. Case in point: the current craze over beauty supplements.

These chews, gummies, and pills boast ingredients we formerly associated only with skincare, like biotin and collagen, and promise to plump up our skin, help our hair grow to Selena Gomez lengths, and give us nails as hard as diamonds. It's hard not to believe the hype (we admit, we're guilty of it too). The only question—are these companies telling the truth? It turns out there's very little research that supports the link between these beauty supplements and their claims. 

To investigate, we spoke with Dr. Luke Bucci, VP of research and development at Ritual, a nutrition company; and Dr. Josh Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC. We asked them to share the "beautifying" vitamins that are, in their opinion, the most overrated. Word to the wise: You may want to put down that collagen drink

Keep scrolling to see the most overrated beauty vitamins, according to the experts.