5 Workouts That Will Help You Ease Into an Exercise Habit


Chihan Alpgiray/Cosmopolitan Turkey

I love the idea of working out—I really do. I like throwing my barely scuffed Nikes into my gym bag and walking perkily down the street in my cute gym attire, and I even usually enjoy the warm-up section of any workout. After that point, however, a nagging feeling grows and grows, until I’m huffing and red in the face and it dawns on me that there is literally anything in the world I would rather be doing than holding this plank position for any longer. Thoughts like Am I masochist?! and I regret everything race through my mind, and I question why I ever agreed to this 8 a.m. torture session in the first place. (Oh, right, it was because I ate my body weight in pizza last night.) Sure, after the workout is over, the feeling of pride returns and my body does feel amazing, but clearly, working out does not come naturally to me. In fact, I might even go as far to say as I completely loathe it, which would explain why I haven’t had much of an exercise regimen since elementary school when P.E. was a required subject (dark days). But you can only write so many articles about health and fitness before you start realizing you should probably practice what you preach—or at least, you know, try. Thus, I’ve joined ClassPass with the full intention of using it—but choosing a workout can be daunting for beginners. Certain workouts (cough, cough, Orangetheory) are notoriously hard, but others are not so clear about whether they’ll make beginners want to curl up in fetal position and die within the first 10 minutes. Assuming there are other newbies out there who are interested in starting an exercise regimen but might not know where to start, I polled my more fitness-minded co-workers and asked them to share some of the workouts they would classify as “beginner friendly.” Keep scrolling to see them, along with some of my own favorites!