5 Workout Videos to Help You Stay Active During Winter Break

To say the idea of investing time and energy finding a local workout class during your much deserved holiday is less than desirable would be a massive understatement. And frankly, it's not exactly our top priority when we're trying to unwind with friends and family. That said, we've recently learned that pausing our exercise routine for more than a few days, regardless of the reason, can begin to undo all of our previous hard work, and that's not fun either. Luckily, Youtube is filled with efficient and free workout tutorials, many of which you can try from pretty much anywhere. If you have access to a travel mat like the Adidas by Stella McCartney Embossed Foam Yoga Mat ($70), 3-10 pound weights, a stability ball, or even just a pair of sneakers, there's something totally doable here for you. Keep scrolling to see our top 5 picks, each targeting a different area of the body! 

video: Popsugar / Youtube
video: Tracy Anderson / Youtube
video: Tamu McPherson / Youtube
video: Ballet Beautiful / Youtube
video: Fitness Blender / Youtube