You Only Need to Work Out This Long to Feel Stronger, Says New Study



I've never fully embraced the virtues of short workouts. In fact, I rarely commit to exercise unless I have at least 30 minutes of free time set aside to do so. Blame it on my all-or-nothing attitude, but I want to leave the sweat session feeling like I accomplished something of merit and made a real difference in my day, and truth be told, I've always associated the efficacy of a workout with its duration. In other words, I thought short workouts just weren't worth doing.

While I've always suspected that this mindset could be problematic (not to mention pretty restrictive on busy days), I'm now sure of it. Because, according to new research, the duration of a workout isn't as important as I always thought it was. As long as I commit to 13 minutes of resistance training, I can increase my muscular strength and endurance (yup, that's less than half the time I thought was required). Keep scrolling to get all the details.