The Secret to Getting More Out of Your Workout Without Trying

We mean business when we hit the gym—in our busy lives, it’s always about getting the most efficient workout possible, which is why we’re always interested in learning new ways to maximize our burn. But who knew the key to torching more fat was to take a breather? According to a study cited by, pressing pause on a sweat sesh is actually the way to go.

We already know that interval trainingthat is, alternating maximum effort with less effort or restis a really great way to step up calorie burn, but generally, those intervals last for a couple of minutes, tops. However, this recent research in the Journal of Applied Physiology shows that this same approach can be effective for longer stretches of time. Basically, doing two 30-minute workouts with a 20-minute rest in between will burn more fat than exercising for an hour straight. 

So take that break! Chat up that cute weightlifter you always see at the watercooler, or order some food so it’s ready once sweat session number two is over. The opportunities are endless.

An interval timer is a really smart tool to keep on hand at the gym—try Gymboss’s MiniMax ($28).

Are you a fan of interval training? What’s your go-to gym ritual? Tell us in the comments below!