9 Workout Hairstyles Even the Sweatiest Gym Sesh Won't Destroy

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Picture this: You've just gotten into the groove of your workout when, suddenly, your hair takes on a life of its own and decides to spring free from your ponytail or bun, covering your face in sweaty, sticky strands that now refuse to be secured back into place. Sound familiar? We thought so. Nothing is more annoying than having to stop mid-workout and fix your hair.

To help you keep your workout flow going uninterrupted, we’ve rounded up nine gym-ready workout hairstyles that are ready to withstand the most intense sweat sesh. And the best part? Not only will they survive your favorite workout and keep your hair in place while you exercise, but they're also cute enough to keep in place after you leave the gym.

Keep scrolling for workout hairstyles even the sweatiest gym sesh won't destroy.

Low Ponytail

workout hairstyle

A slicked back low ponytail is the perfect hairstyle when you need to wear your hair down soon after a gym sesh and have it still look intact. Make sure any loose strands are pulled back off your face to avoid post-workout frizz and secure the ponytail right at the nape of your neck.

Tied Back With a Headband

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One of the most low-lift hairstyles—tying back your hair into a bun, then securing flyaways with a thin headband—will ensure you get through your workout without another thought to your hair.


topknot workout hairstyle

A high, messy bun will keep your hair out of your face and off your neck so that you can give your full concentration to your workout. To keep it in place, pull the top half of your hair back and pin it at the crown of your head, then gather the rest of your hair into a high bun. Use bobby pins to pin up any stray hairs underneath to let your neck breathe.

Half-Up Topknot

half-up workout hairstyle

This style will keep your hair away from your face but still let you enjoy all the pretty hair-blowing-in-the-breeze benefits of a down ’do. Make a side part in your hair, then tie up the top half into a topknot. This workout hairstyle is perfect for short-haired girls.

Braided Bun

braided workout hairstyle

Braids on each side will keep your hair locked in place while you exercise and look just as great after a good sweat sesh. Divide your hair into two sections and braid or French braid both sides of your hair back toward the nape of your neck. Secure both sections together with a hair tie, then pin your hair into a bun to keep it off your soon-to-be-sweaty neck.

Stay-Put Ponytail

cute workout hairstyle

Side braids keep those pesky baby hairs out of your eyes. Take the top section of your hair, braid it toward the back, and then secure it into a ponytail. Optional: If you want to look extra put-together, wrap a section of hair around the hair tie to cover it up. 

High Ponytail With a Headband

ponytail workout hairstyle

There's a reason this go-to workout hairstyle is so popular. It keeps hair out of your face no matter how much you sweat and looks sleek and chic commuting to and from your workout.

Ponytail Braid

ponytail braid for workout

Brush your hair back into a ponytail, secure it with a hair tie, and then braid it to the bottom. For more security, a thin elastic headband makes sure every last flyaway stays in its place. 

Twisted Side Braid

braids for workout

For a pretty workout hairstyle that looks totally effortless but will also stay put, try this twisted low braid on one side.

Now that you've mastered your gym hairstyle be sure to know the best foods to eat before and after your workout to really see results.

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