19 Things Byrdie Editors Are Wearing While Working From Home

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Due to the current health situation, we're living through a moment when many of us are working from home for the foreseeable future, including Team Byrdie. Although working from home does have its upsides (sweatpants, anyone?), it can be tough to retain a sense of normalcy (and keep loneliness at bay) during such an uncertain time—which is why we've enlisted our editors to share the clothes that have helped them feel comfortable, calm, and confident in their new daily routines.

Aside from the below picks, if you're in a financial position to re-up your wardrobe, we also encourage you to support smaller, local businesses during this time. Additionally, if you're looking to donate to the relief effort but don't know where to start, check out Charity Navigator, a nonprofit that evaluates charitable organizations in the U.S.—it has a helpful list of nonprofits working to provide relief to affected areas. If you're simply looking to donate money, we suggest GlobalGiving's Coronavirus Relief Fund, which supports immediate and long-term relief.

Below, the outfit staples beloved by our editors while working from home.

CUUP The Balconette Bra

Another of Elspeth's go-tos is this balconette bra from Cuup, a direct-to-consumer intimates startup. “I bought this bra to go under a couple of new spring-y tops I just bought from Staud," she says, "But now I'm just walking around my apartment in this bra— period." The best features? "It's well-constructed, with wide straps and durable details, but it still looks sexy while it's actually performing a literal heavy lift.”

If you're interested in shopping with Cuup but are worried about finding your fit without an IRL consultation, you can book an online video fitting with one of the brand's Fit Therapists instead.

Outdoor Voices TechSweat Flex Shorts

Because virtually all of Elspeth's CrossFit classes are held over Zoom, now, she's been living in these shorts and matching crop top from Outdoor Voices. Both are made with the company's proprietary TechSweat material—a blend of nylon, lycra, and polyester that's lightweight, breathable, and designed for high-intensity sweat sessions. "This duo comes with all of the expected Outdoor Voices perks," says Elspeth. "Comfort, convenient details, and a cool factor."

Gap Softspun Joggers

Even if your work-from-home schedule is chock-full of Zoom meetings, you can still dress down your lower half—an option that Byrdie senior commerce editor Jessica Mahgerefteh has been embracing: "I notoriously have a ‘thing’ with jeans—and by thing, I mean I’ll do just about anything to not wear them," she says. "Leggings and sweats are way more my speed, so of course they’re at the forefront of my work-from-home wardrobe. I recently bought these joggers from Gap and I’ve been living in them. They’re breathable, cute, and easy to throw on. Comfort over everything, right?"

Lululemon Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 28" Full-On Luxtreme

Speaking of leggings—this Luluemon pair is Jess' top choice for at-home workouts: "I love the high waist and skin-hugging fabric," she says. "It helps the leggings stay where you want them to without sliding down. Plus, since they’re super breathable and sweat-wicking, I can easily transition from my desk to a workout session in my makeshift exercise studio (aka my living room) without needing to change."

L.L. Bean Adults' Merino Wool Ragg Sock

For Byrdie VP/General Manager Leah Wyar, a pair of cozy socks is always the move when working from home: "They're like 2020's answer to scrunch socks from the 80s—only softer," she says. "No one can see them on Zoom, but they keep me warm and are like a security blanket during this unsettling time."

Alala Ascend Tight

For Byrdie senior editor Lindsey Metrus, these Alala tights help remind her to take time for self-care during a day at home: "Since my gym is now my living room, I find myself dressing in workout gear early on in the day so that I have no excuse not to get moving after I wrap up my work," she says. "Alala's Ascend tights are perfect for going from work to (home) gym because they're a super-soft polyester blend that's comfortable enough to work in, yet practical (and flattering) for working out. Putting them on in the morning is a reminder to take a moment for myself each day to move and decompress."

Pilgrim Surf Supply Leah Waffle Tee

Byrdie senior social media editor Kelly Gallagher thinks that this waffle-weave long-sleeve tee is perfect for a day working from her couch. "It's made in Japan from 100 percent Supima cotton and is basically the ideal trifecta: cozy, breathable, and super comfy. Plus, paired with the layered gold necklaces that I always wear, it looks chic and cool on Zoom but feels like pajamas."

Pilgrim Surf Supply Sarah Thermal Waffle Leggings

Kelly is also a fan of Pilgrim Surf's matching pants: "As we all know, Zoom meetings are all about the top half of your body so your bottom half is pretty much a free for all. I've been rocking a full waffle thermal look, pairing my long-sleeve with matching waffle-weave cotton pants. What I love about them is that they stretch out as the day goes on, so in the morning they fit like a legging and by the afternoon, they're looser and more of a pajama pant."

Parade High Rise Thong

Kelly bought her first pair of Parade underwear recently—and her review couldn't be more glowing. "I can honestly say this is the most comfortable pair of underwear I have ever worn," she says. "It feels like I'm not wearing any underwear which is how all underwear should feel! Also, I love the fun colors!"

Slip Skinnies

Kelly also recommends this scrunchie pack from Slip: "I'm a big fan of Slip's scrunchies for when I sleep," she says," and since I'm not really doing much with my hair these days besides putting it up in a ponytail or a top knot, I'm wearing these bad boys all day. They help keep my very fine, very color-damaged hair from breaking off."

Dior Diorstellaireo3 Eyeglasses

If you wear contact lenses but don't feel like putting them in every day while you're working from home, Kelly swears by this pair of Dior glasses. "I like these ones because they're a unique take on classic gold aviators," she says. "Plus, they're giant, which I love for my face."

Reformation Classic Sweatpant

Byrdie senior editor Hallie Gould had been searching far and wide for the perfect sweatpants, but when she found this pair from Reformation, she knew she'd hit the jackpot. "They're slim-fitting but comfortable, high-waisted, tapered at the ankle—I'm short and I need this for fit purposes—and have no pockets (I don't like the inevitable bulge that comes along with pockets). The heather grey [color] feels classic and clean, and the thick fleece provides comfort and warmth. Plus, Reformation does a good job of creating sustainable pieces (albeit at a higher price tag, but there are financing options)."

Urban Outfitters Perfect Ribbed Baby Tee

Hallie also opts for this tee from Urban Outfitters, which she says is comfortable but also authentic to her personal style. "Ribbed t-shirts are my go-to all the time," she explains, "and I didn't want to feel lost in a sea of ripped sweatshirts and couch pillows—I'm still on the clock, you know? Even just a few days in, I've realized it's really important for my brain to differentiate these WFH days from other time I spend in my apartment. It might seem inconsequential, but putting on this cotton tee (with 5 percent spandex for flexibility) helps."

Free People Hit The Slopes Fleece Jacket

This Free People jacket is another one of Hallie's daily essentials. "I've been wearing this fleece every single day since before our entire world turned upside-down," she says. "It's the perfect layering piece—it's lightweight but warm, has snaps down the front for temperature control, and feels comforting and fuzzy. It has elastic cuffs (so the sleeves don't get in my way) and it's the perfect length to pair with sweatpants, leggings, bike shorts, or jeans. Given the current circumstances, it's usually worn with sweatpants."

ASOS DESIGN Tracksuit Ultimate Sweat /Jogger in Acid Wash

"ASOS is my #1 go-to for comfortable, cute, at-home clothes that you won't have to change out of to go on a grocery run," says Byrdie's editorial director Faith Xue. She especially loves the brand's tracksuits, which are affordable, fit well, and do the mix-and-matching for you. "This tracksuit is my new favorite because it fits well and makes me feel 100% more put-together than a normal oversized hoodie," she says.

Richer Poorer Classic Bralette

"Richer Poorer makes the coziest and most comfortable intimates," says Faith. She lounges in the brand's bralettes, which also come with matching bottoms and are made with the softest, stretchiest cotton. "Having a cute—but more importantly, comfortable—bra on puts me in a difference headspace and instantly makes me feel more put-together."

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

"I'm the master of leggings-as-pants at the office, and nothing has changed now that I'm working from home," says Byrdie associate editor Holly Rhue. "These faux leather leggings are unbelievably comfortable but have a nice fit and sheen that looks like, you know... real pants. During these crazy times, I feel just a little bit more normal when I slip into these before starting my day—and I'll take every ounce of normal that I can get right now."

Birdies The Starling

Working from home doesn't exactly require shoes, but for Holly, these Birdies flats are too cool to pass up—even from the comfort of her apartment. "I've waxed poetic about these shoes for years because they look like a really chic pair of loafers but feel like slippers," she says. "My feet are always freezing, so I can't stand to be barefoot in my apartment, but something about my fuzzy slippers doesn't exactly help me get into work mode. It's honestly such a treat to step into these every morning and feel like a real live human being."

Naadam Cashmere Ribbed Sweater

Holly gives this cashmere sweater the highest marks for work-from-home attire: "It's the coziest, most breathable cashmere sweater I've ever worn," she says. "It's warm enough for my poorly heated apartment, but not so thick that I'm sweating during Zoom calls. I plan to wear it every day until my coworkers notice (or until I spill coffee on it—whichever happens first). It comes in seven different colors, but I like the light blue iteration to add a little color to my day. Weirdly, it helps!"

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