10 Watches to Give to the Person Who's Always on Time

Wristwear that fits any aesthetic.

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Design by Tiana Crispino

There's an unwritten code to gifting and receiving jewelry. Receiving a necklace as a gift feels innately romantic. Bracelets have been the territory of friendship since summer camp. Earrings feel personal. Rings, especially this time of year, have a specific connotation. But watches are a category all their own.

They're pragmatic, obviously. In a day and age where accessing the time via a mechanism on your wrist isn't mandatory, they have a certain nostalgic sweetness to them. They're a charming conversation starter. Watches take an outfit up a notch without feeling too serious.

This holiday season, a watch just might be the missing link on your wishlist. Read on for 10 styles perfect for enhancing your everyday jewelry lineup.

Breda Jane $140.00

If you're uninitiated to the watch wearing game, opting for a small band, like this 12mm option from Breda is a good place to start. Plus, the two-tone metals make mixing and matching with your preexisting jewelry a breeze. The mother of pearl watch face is a modern detail that keeps the watch from feeling too dated. Pair this with a silk, bishop sleeve blouse, and your favorite square eyed sunglasses for a relaxed, slightly retro look.

Fairfield 37mm Leather Strap Watch
Timex Fairfield 37mm Leather Strap Watch $79.00

This Timex watch is a great option for the watch-curious person who's looking to spend less than $80. The oversized face gives the piece a feeling of prominence without feeling difficult to wear. The silver detailing makes it a no-brainer gift for someone keen on leather jackets, turtlenecks, and the same black coffee every single morning.

MVMT Mason $128.00

Don't let the vintage shape of this watch fool you. The black and gold combination feels totally of the moment when paired with a wardrobe washed in color. This watch is ideal for your sister-in-law who feels serious over the phone, but warms up the second she walks in the door. It's even more ideal if she wears tall leather boots, dark florals in the winter, and a shearling coat.

Native | Navy Dial - 3-Link
Nordgreen Native | Navy Dial - 3-Link $214.00

The best part of this Danish watch, beside its environmentally conscious manufacturing, is the ability to customize the dial face. The chunk size of the band makes it a great pick for someone you know already enjoys wearing a watch. Grow their collection with this stunning design. If you're keen on a custom job, you can choose not only the dial face color, but also the metal and chain size/material. If you're in an oversized blazer more days of the week than not, this is the watch for you.

JBW Mink $325.00

This watch is not for the neutrals-wearing, WNYC tote-carrying bunch. While it might seem over the top on its own, picture it worn with a white T-shirt, loose fitting jeans, and white sneakers. This is a great gifting option for a significant other you've already got covered on the necklace and earring front. Plus, it's available in eleven other colors. Laced in Swarovski stones, it's certainly an upgrade from a plastic Swatch, no offense to minimalist dressers.

Digital Watch Gold Small
Casio Digital Watch Gold Small $55.00

So you're interested in a watch but not as interested in reading an analog clock all day? Test out this perfect entry-level option from Casio. Smart features including a calendar, alarm, and stopwatch make it easy to see why this watch caused such a commotion when it was released 40 years ago. This watch has a universal appeal—partner, work friend you feel a weird expectation to exchange gifts with, your aunt. Everybody will love this simple gold watch.

Braided Knot Watch
Tory Burch Braided Knot Watch $250.00

This watch was made to be stacked. Give it as a gift to your stylish friend who never leaves the house with a bare wrist. The statement band feels special, especially for those who might find a thick band too heavy. Wear this watch with a fluttery dress and tights for whatever you find yourself dressing up for this holiday season and beyond.

The Derby 30 MM
Shinola The Derby 30 MM $850.00

This is the one for certified watch lovers. The olive green paired with gold, plus the sleek silhouette feels like an instant heirloom. Pair this timeless timepiece with a heavy knit and wool skirt for a feeling of classic charm. It's also available in other colorways that feel more modern, like grey and cognac leather.

Lune Eclipse in Matte Black
Nacre Lune Eclipse in Matte Black $170.00

Even those who opt into the "all black everything" lifestyle could use a matching watch. Nacre, a brother-sister founded brand, offers endless customization for their timepieces. Choose from band material, case metals, and even the size of the watch itself. Build a watch that fits the rest of your wardrobe for maximum wearability.

Geminus Lapis Lazuli and Pearl
Vanna Geminus Lapis Lazuli and Pearl $275.00

The Geminus Lapis Lazuli and Pearl from Vanna is a beautiful meeting of modern and classic, symmetry and asymmetry. This watch works wonders on stepping up a basic button-down from boring to ready to work. The white mother of pearl contrasts brilliantly with the genuine Lapis Lazuli.

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