I Gave 8 Men Tons of "Women's" Skincare Products—These Were Their 9 Favorites



As you most likely know by now, our jobs as beauty editors involve more product than we know what to do with. We try most of them, slathering oils and balms at the office and hoarding the most appealing formulas in our bathrooms (and on our vanities, in our drawers, stuffed in our closets, peaking out from under our beds, etc.). Still, we can't try them all. In cases like the latter, we get the chance to woo our friends and family members—gifting skincare like Oprah does cars. I'm a human vending machine.

Usually, this is solely exciting to our female friends, as somewhere along the line, gender norms have dictated that skincare routines are meant only for women, raising generations of men who scoff at anti-aging serums and roll their eyes at grooming habits. So while anyone is allowed to care about beauty in 2018, women are coached of its importance from the womb, while men are taught they have better things to do. But over the years, I've gradually imparted my feelings for beauty and wellness to my male cohorts, first forcing product on them against their will and then, ultimately, having to restock their essentials as often as I do my own. Why? Because taking care of yourself feels good. There are no gender binaries that exclude us from that. Below I've crafted a list of favorites from the men in my life—all technically "women's" products—of which they can't live without and the reasons they love them.