What to Bring to March Tomorrow, According to Real Women Who've Done It Before


Getty/Christian Vierig

Tomorrow, thousands upon thousands of women are expected to descend on our nation's capital to participate in the Women's March on Washington, and countless others will walk in solidarity in 60 countries across the globe. In fact, as of this morning, there are plans for sister marches to be held across all seven continentsmembers aboard a ship off the coast of Antarctica have announced a rally as well.

If you're participating, you've already committed to lending your voice to the cause—and of course that's the most important thing to bring. But those of us who have marched before can also suggest a few other items to carry along, all in the name of sticking with the crowd for as long (and as comfortably) as possible.

Keep scrolling for your checklist of what to bring, according to women who have marched before.