Every Monumental Time Women of Color Redefined the Word "Pretty"

Many black women sing the same story. Our strong ancestral roots share the perpetuating struggle of segregation. We have inherently been excluded from the nation's narrative. And these themes have also rung true when it comes to the word "pretty." In retracing America's history, it's clear Eurocentric beauty standards have always been idolized. Every curve of our kinks and curls and every drop of our melanin has been left out of what's deemed "acceptable."

What's beautiful is that women of color have collectively rebelled against the chains of cultural implications that have been set before us and unabashedly redefined the word "pretty." Beyond the weak surface of the word, true beauty is imperfect, rebellious, complex, empowering, and inclusive of every hair texture, skin tone, body type, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Thankfully, women of color have taken a stand against cultural norms and painted a different picture of beauty.

We're forever applauding the moments that spread the representation the world of beauty so desperately needs.


Original Illustration by Haobin Ye