This CBD-Infused “Sex Serum” Will Make You Rethink Lube

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Sex is known to be a good way to release endorphins, whether pleasuring yourself or with a partner. So, where are the high-quality products to give your vagina the attention it deserves? (Cue: the verse Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion so eloquently rapped about on “WAP”.)

WLDKAT Prebiotic + pH Balanced Sex Serum $45

Recently, ex-Urban Decay exec Amy Zunzunegui blessed us with the magic potion to release all of our tension from the last year—WLDKAT Sex Serum ($45). The prebiotic and pH-balanced serum is water-based and created to help decrease dryness and tension during sex. A key ingredient to call out from the serum’s makeup is a good-for-you probiotic called Lactobacillus Ferment. It typically comes in a pill or vaginal suppository to fight off Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and works to regulate the pH of the vagina. The other goods in WLDKAT that deserve a shout out include aloe vera which acts as a natural slippery agent and broad-spectrum CBD which increases blood flow down-there as well as minimizes inflammation that can sometimes occur during sex.

Noted sex coach Shelby Sells, who works with the brand, says the product is meant for women to explore how the CBD infused oil arouses the body and increases blood flow for pleasure. It’s made for sexual intimacy with a partner or personal time. 

“As a certified holistic health coach, it’s so important to normalize the importance of sex and bring healthy attitudes towards it,” Shelby tells Byrdie over Zoom. “The key here is that we have perspectives from both females and males. We have two men on our team, so our vantage point is rounded because we have an understanding of how both sexes forgo a pleasurable sexual experience with one another.”

We fully believe that the best kind of sex feels as comfortable as possible, especially for women. We put so much thought and effort into prepping our body for our partners (and more importantly, ourselves) that it means the experience needs to match that level of preparation. 

The feeling and texture of this product might be surprising to those who have used traditional lubricants. As its founder and CEO, Zunzunegui, plainly put it, “It’s no Summer’s Eve.” What she means is that it isn’t fragrant or sticky like your typical over-the-counter feminine hygiene products or lube. The smell is clean and the consistency is light, leaving no residue behind. Basically, it smells and feels similar to what you’ve already got going on with your lady bits; it’s just there to offer just a little more support to achieve optimal WAP levels.

WLKDAT is leaping bunny-approved which means it’s vegan and cruelty-free; plus, it contains no parabens, phthalates, or sulfates. It’s apparent this serum will provide a one-of-a-kind experience that deserves a few trials if you catch our drift. Enjoy now and thank us later.

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