11 Witch Makeup Ideas Straight From Fashion Week Runways

Updated 10/25/17

Dressing up as a witch might not be the most inspired Halloween costume—yet there's a reason so many of us do it year to year. There are an endless number of ways to put your own spin on the evil witch and craft (so to speak) your own costume that gives your witch that magic touch. Possibly the best part about putting together a witch costume is the makeup, as we all know any witch—good or bad—needs a killer beauty look.

To spark some cosmetic creativity, we've served up a strong lineup of stunning witch makeup ideas straight from the fashion week runways. Whether you're seeking a smoldering smoky eye, dark lips, or swipes of ethereal greens, you can channel your inner witch with these hauntingly beautiful beauty looks. Head below for 11 striking witch makeup ideas to bring to life this Halloween.

witch nails for halloween

A black lip paired with spider eyelashes and dark talon-like nails gives instant witchy vibes that are just as glamorous as they are ghoulish.

green witch makeup

Ditch the full face of green paint for this gorgeous version that adds just a touch of green to the forehead and cheekbones. Pair with highlighter and a skin tone shimmery eye for an ethereal look.

witch makeup eye look

Work green into your eye look with a highly pigmented block of color. Choose a winged shape for gorgeous results and keep the rest of the makeup neutral with light blush tones so the striking eye stays the star of the show.

witch makeup smoky eye

Play with color, bringing in reds for an unexpected pop in a charcoal eye or even a chartreuse highlight at the inner eye.

witch makeup ideas

For even more drama, painted swipes of color balanced by a black lip can be an artful way to modernize a witch look.

witch lipstick idea

If you're a lover of red, work it into your witchy beauty look with a smoky red eye and a bright red pout. If the rest of your outfit is black, it will provide a bold pop of color.

witch makeup inspiration

Bright green eye shadow applied all the way up to the brow is a playful alternative to painting your face green. Finish off with a bright red lip for a theatrical effect.

creative witch makeup

Get creative with artful designs using a precise eye liner. Draw on a pair of puckered lips or creative cracks or even spiderwebs for a look that will have everyone doing a double-take.

subtle witch makeup

If your witch is more of the earthy set, working with forest tones like moss and rust can give an ethereal, natural vibe.

pretty witch makeup

For something even more subtle, apply just a touch of green shadow on the lower lash line and work up into a wing like a reverse cat eye. Pair with a pale pink lip and dark nails for a witch makeup look that's both haunting and hauntingly beautiful.

easy witch makeup idea

For the most low-lift witch makeup idea that's still strikingly stunning, keep your makeup minimal with just a touch of pink on the cheeks and commit to a bold black lip.

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