15 Non-Basic Ways to Channel Your Inner Witch This Halloween

Updated 08/14/19
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When it comes to cult-classic Halloween costumes, a witch is about as timeless as it gets. It's easy, it's customizable, and depending on how far you want to take your look, you can make it as tame or terrorizing as you so please. From the likes of Hermione Granger to Sabrina or the Sanderson sisters, the possibilities are infinite. Or, if you're not one to channel your favorite cinematographic sorceress, there's always the boundless depths of YouTube. (Just type in "witch makeup for Halloween" and you'll see what we mean immediately.)

Of course, watching tutorial after tutorial and scrolling through look after look can be time-consuming, so in the spirit of all things double, double, toil and trouble, we played detective and did the investigative work for you. If you're like us, you'll only have a day or two before the big night to pull something together anyway. (FYI—these clutch, non-cheesy makeup kits will totally help in an hour of need.) Thus, to make your fire burn and cauldron bubble this Halloween, keep scrolling for 15 witch-inspired makeup looks sure to spellbind every soul (or soulless) character you encounter.

Wicked Witch of the West

For a true Wicked Witch of the West vibe, we suggest channeling this epic makeup moment from Mayra Isabel this coming Halloween. Emerald glitter-encrusted lids accented by a bold, blood red lip take the look up a notch.

American Horror Story Witch

Keeping with the screen theme, we're into this rather horrifying yet 100% enchanting witch makeup tutorial from SmashinBeauty. After all, it doesn't get much more sinister than a metallic black pout. 

Gothic Glamour Witch

Inspired by couture, YouTube makeup enchantress Erin Nicole stuns with the crystal-studded cobweb number. Surprisingly, the look is much more doable than you'd ever think. (Though we do recommend at least one practice round prior to any Halloween shenanigans!)

Green-With-Envy Witch

If you like the idea of channeling your inner Elphaba but don't want to commit to a full face of green (we get it), this slightly subtler look courtesy of Madeyewlook Twice might be more your cup of brew this Halloween. It's accented with small doses of lime and a little bit of strategic shimmer.

Skeleton Witch

If you're the type of witch who loves her contour, look no further. We're entranced by vlogger Katherine Elizabeth's transformation process and love the versatility of the end result. Vampire? Witch? Skeleton? A Twilight-inspired hybrid of all the above? We'll let you pick your poison.

Possessed Witch

Alright, this impeccably scary witch tutorial from StickerOkie isn't for the faint of heart. But, if you have the intention to truly give the gift of fright (or dare we say legitimate terror) this Halloween, her Evil Witch makeup is the ultimate antidote. Just make sure you don't encounter any young children, okay?

Celestial Witch

Looking for something that's more trick-or-treater friendly? We're super into this celestially sculpted witch makeup from YouTube vlogger atleeeey. It's scary but still hauntingly beautiful.

Disney Witch

Disney lovers, prepare yourselves. Despite the fact Disney princesses often overtake our costume-studded feeds Halloween night, we're partial to the idea of going against the grain and working an ill-destined Disney witch instead. To get you inspired, this makeup how-to from Shonagh Scott is probably the most captivating we've seen (and that's a very bold statement).

Old Hollywood–Inspired Witch

While most witches we witness Halloween night are characterized by their signature black strands, dark makeup, and perhaps greenish tinge, we love the idea of a platinum-blonde witch to counter. With bold brows, platinum waves, milky skin, and sky-high lashes, this look from Jordan Hanz feels a bit Old Hollywood, no? Alas, a purple-pursed pout and bloodshot eyes lend some much-needed spooky edge.

Ursula Sea Witch

What's not to love about this beloved Disney villan? From the lilac base to the bright pops of aqua blue eyeshadow, it's all about bold color. This version is amped up with chunky blue glitter around the eyes and a matte red lip to pull it all together.

Tumblr Witch

Okay, maybe there's not an actual thing called a Tumblr witch, but this mystical costume makeup by Lauren Bradley gives off major Tumblr vibes. From the pastel purple pout to the brow-framing jewels, we're obsessed.

Winnie from Hocus Pocus

Since Hocus Pocus is the epitome of Halloween, it's no surprise this legendary witch made it on our list. And surprisingly, Alexa Poletti's version is relatively simple. To get Winnie's bright orange locks, we suggest the Mofajang Hair Color Wax in Orange ($9) that washes out with warm water.

Not-So-Scary Witch

So you want to be a witch for the holiday festivities, but you don't want to go all out with a tall hat, black cape and a broom. Well, Karin Dragos has you covered with this not-so-scary, but still glam witch makeup. All you need is a black eyeliner and purple lipstick and you're good to go. The hat and broom are optional.

Third-Eye Witch

Here's another great option for a makeup-only witch costume, only this version is definitely on the spookier side. The intricate detail in this look lets the makeup do the talking on trick-or-treat night. Because TBH, anything with a third eye is considered scary enough to stand alone in our books.

Yule Witch

If your Halloween goal is to be amongst the most unique costumes of the season, we highly suggest trying Pompberry's winter-themed witch makeup. Swirl a rich, cranberry eyeshadow on around your eyes and swipe on a matching berry lip like the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Shanghai Nights ($34).

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