The Cool New Korean Nail Trend That Will Never Chip

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It was a good few years ago that nail art had a renaissance. Since its peak, our obsession with all things nails has become more low-key. Sure, we all love a great nude or red manicure, but on the whole, our yearning for the out-there nail designs has taken a backseat. In its place, we've been obsessing over matte lips, mostly.

But there's a new nail trend starting to take over Instagram—wirework nail art. The trend was masterminded by Eun Kyung Park, founder of Seoul's Unistella salon (she's the same woman who bought us glass and bracelet nails). The great thing about this new trend is that it's seriously chic and totally wearable. What's even more exciting is that you can totally DIY it, so no need to take a long-haul trip east.

Keep scrolling to find out more about this new nail trend and how you can take your manicure to the next level at home.

The nail guru has been using fine, delicate gold wire to create sculptural nail designs for a new take on a French manicure (where the nail and tip are outlined with the wire), cuticle accents, and artistic adornments.

Park explained to "MarieClaire" that she had taken her inspiration from the art of the neon sign. "When you make neon signs, you have to bend the wires to make certain lettering," she said. "It's one long wire that's bent to create and connect the letters. I thought this was really cool and since nails are an accessory, I wanted it to be used for expression. Like rings."

While it's fiddly, Park uses tweezers to create the shapes, the application process is straightforward. Applied to freshly manicured nails, the wire is placed onto clear polish and then cured under a UV light, before she applies a clear gel top coat, so no need to worry about unsightly chips. So while these nails appear delicate, they're actually more hardwearing than most.

You can play about by adorning your wirework with gold studs and flat-backed shapes too. Park's advice if you do want to DIY your own wirework nails? "Keep in mind that since it's a wire, you have to make sure the sharp end has a nice finish so it doesn't get caught in clothes," she says.

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Opening Images: @nail_unistella

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