This Is What Your Skin Really Needs to Survive the Cold

Winter: It’s the best of times (hello, cute coats and vacation time) and the worst of times (hi, stress and icy temperatures!). The season can really do a number on our skin: Think dry patches, redness, and irritation etched across our complexions, even when we religiously follow our usual regimens.

So what gives? “It’s as much about what you don’t use on your skin as what you do,” says Hemali Gunt, head of clinical and scientific affairs at Burt’s Bees. Read: You just might need to tweak your cleanse-exfoliate-nourish routine this time of year.

We know you guys can relate, so we turned to our Instagram to ask about your biggest winter skin woes. And guess what? We’ve got answers. Er, Gunt has the answers, including souped-up products from Burt’s Bees that’ll see you through the cold spell. Read on for solutions to your top winter skincare concerns.