6 Beauty Editors On The Skincare Saviors They Rely on During Winter

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It's not easy to keep your skin looking plump and dewy best when it comes to the blustery, wet, and icy winter months. Factor in the lineup of holiday parties, lack of sleep, and abundance of festive (yet debilitating) cocktails, and you've got a recipe for skin that needs some serious TLC. Thus, we called in the experts: six beauty editors who glow 365 days a year like it's their job (it literally is). They've shared the skincare products they rely on to keep their complexions looking clear, bright, and luminous, whatever the weather throws at them.

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Leah Wyar, VP/GM, Byrdie

Rodan Fields Micro-dermabrasion Paste
Rodan + Fields Micro-Dermabrasion Paste $83
Redefine Rejuvenation Mask
Rodan + Fields Redefine Rejuvenation Mask $60

"I would say the two products I use in tandem is Rodan + Fields Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, immediately followed by their Redefine Rejuvenation Mask. The sugar-and-salt paste is gentle, but gritty enough to really make a difference on skin⁠—I use it anytime I'm looking dull and dreary. And you can use it on your body, too! The mask is so amazing—tons of hyaluronic acid and glycerin to rehydrate, plus there are little microbeads that serve as a final slough (for anything the paste may have missed). It goes on like a gel, then starts to bubble. I like to let it sit on my skin for about five minutes, then I massage it in for a minute and rinse."

Faith Xue, Editorial Director, Byrdie

rapid response detox
Renée Rouleau Rapid Response Detox Kit $130

"My skin has been all over the place this winter because of my travels (read: breakout city), and this TSA-friendly kit from Renée Rouleau has been the reset I needed. The turmeric-infused cleanser gets rid of dirt and grime without leaving my skin with a too-tight feeling, the toner has prebiotics to reset your skin's microbiome, and the two masks are some of my favorites (the Berry Peel especially is a holy-grail). Basically, if you want an insurance policy for clear, balanced skin this winter, you can't go wrong with this kit."

alpyn calming midnight mask
Alpyn Beauty Calming Midnight Mask $68

"This creamy, soothing mask from Alpyn is perfect for slathering on before bed if you're dealing with dry, tired-looking skin. It's made with wild dandelion, melatonin, hyaluronic acid, and bakuchiol to give your skin a treat while you sleep. Plus, I like to bring it with me on long flights—it's like an insurance policy I'll step off the plane with dewy skin."

shani darden toning essence
Shani Darden Toning Essence $52

"Whenever people tell me they're dealing with dry or dehydrated skin, I tell them to add a hydrating essence to their skincare regimen. This one from Shani Darden is one of my favorites. It's a thicker viscosity than other essences, and feels like a tall drink of water when I press it into my skin after cleansing. It not only makes my other skincare products work better, but is also sake to balance the skin."

Lindsey Metrus, Senior Editor, Byrdie

PCA Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum
PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum $115

"Because of the lightweight yet powerfully hydrating nature of this product, I'm able to use it year-round, from the steamiest summer days to the driest temperature dips of winter. It's got sodium hyaluronate and hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, both of which deeply penetrates into the skin, as well as niacinamide and ceramides to restore the skin barrier and help lock in all the moisture. I put it on right after I wash my face while my skin is still damp (products absorb better this way) before following up with a cream moisturizer."

iS Clinical Moisturizing Complex
iS Clinical Moisturizing Complex $87

"When my skin is especially parched, I love turning to this luxe-feeling moisturizer packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid. It's great as a preventative measure too, with retinol and antioxidants to help curb fine lines and keep my complexion looking even. As a nice finishing touch, it leaves the prettiest sheen on my skin (not a greasy one!), as if I've applied a subtle highlighting balm all over my face."

Hey dewy
Hey Dewy Portable Humidifier $39

"As soon as the temperature drops to I-can-officially-see-my-breath-outside extremes, I feel a significant difference when I wake up in the morning (read: puffy eyes, dry nose and throat, and dry skin). This season, I officially committed to putting a humidifier in my bedroom to help keep my skin and nasal cavity moisturized while I sleep, especially if I have the heat cranked up high. This little guy is compact and sleek, so it isn't an eyesore on my nightstand, and it's already made a big difference in helping me feel more refreshed when I wake up in the morning."

Alix Tunell, Deputy Editor, Real Self

Jouer Overnight Conditioning & Repairing Lip Mask
Jouer Overnight Conditioning & Repairing Lip Mask $20

"I'm in an extremely codependent relationship with lip balm. I can't sit in a quick company meeting or run an errand down the street if it's not with me, especially during the winter months. I use this as my everyday balm—it's not heavy and tacky like most overnight masks—and though it nourishes my lips enough that I can space out my application, I rarely want to because the vanilla scent is so addicting."

Bio Oil
Bio-oil Skincare Oil $16

"Every year, I tell myself that THIS will be the winter I stop picking at little bumps and fully commit to laser hair removal, so I can go into spring and summer with spot-free, smooth skin. It never happens, but Bio-Oil fixes most of my tone and texture issues caused by decades of waxing and shaving irritation and dermatillomania scars. I swear by it as an all-over body treatment after every shower, when skin is still damp."

Khalea Underwood, Beauty Editor at The Zoe Report

Hydraboost Rescue Creme
Renée Rouleau Rescue Cream $75

"This soothes my skin without it feeling too greasy — which happens with many heavy moisturizers. I typically use this at night, but will carry it over to my morning routine on particularly nippy days."

Byredo Hand
Byredo Tulipmania Hand Cream $71

"Byredo Tulipmania Hand Cream makes me excited for spring! The fresh floral scent is a pleasant contrast to all of the warm, woodsy scents that are crossing my desk lately."

Fenty Beauty LipBalm
Fenty Beauty Pro Kiss'r Luscious Lip Balm $18

"This is one of the best lip balms I've tried in a while, and I'm an admitted balm snob. It's packed with Shea and mango butters, so my lips always feel pillow-soft.
The light pink sheen is pretty enough for me to wear on its own, too."

Carly Cardellino, Digital Creator and Byrdie Contributor

Skinceuticals Triple Restore 2:4:2
Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 $128

"My skin would literally look and feel like a dry slab of concrete if I didn’t smother it with creams that work. I use Skinceuticals 2:4:2 cream every single night—it’s composed of ingredients that are beyond friendly with your skin’s barrier, so it absorbs it and actually increases your skin’s moisture levels instead of just sitting on the skin looking cute."

Glossier Futuredew
Glossier Futuredew $24

"When I want an even taller drink of water for my face, I smooth on the oil-serum hybrid that is Glossier’s Futuredew. Honestly, it keeps my skin hydrated the longest, so when it’s extremely cold, I always pat it onto my skin in the mornings to create a shield against harsh, dry weather. It’ll never not be in my bag, TBH."

KNC SupaBalm Mint
KNC Beauty SupaBalm in Mint $22

"My lips are also perpetually dry in the winter, so I turn to KNC’s Lip Balm in Mint to keep them feeling smooth instead of looking cracked and flaky."

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