How to Winter-Proof Your Makeup

We bid adieu to dewy, sun-kissed makeup in tandem with our fading tan lines at summer's end and have been holding on to the last bit of naturally hydrated skin and fuss-free beauty this fall. But now that winter has arrived with a vengeance (we're looking at you, recent east coast nor'easter), dry flaky skin is popping up beneath our foundation, tarnishing the supple skin we worked so hard for over the past few months. Our noses are turning red, our eyes are watering and smearing our carefully-applied makeup—winter, you're a cold soul.

While all hope may seem like it's lost, never fear. You can achieve a beautiful glow, nix dry patches, and make everyone around you wonder if you got the winter skin memo. (You did, but you're not accepting it). Below, discover some foolproof ways to winter-proof your makeup and help it look fresh and glowy despite the plummeting temperatures. 

Do you have any other products you swear by during the cold winter months? Let us know your favorites in the comments below!