The 6 Biggest Winter Nail Trends Blowing Up on Instagram

A winter wardrobe usually consists of swathing yourself in cozy knits and bundling up into a silhouette that can best be described as Chipotle burrito-esque (just us?). When it comes to winter nails, however, comfort is the last thing on our minds. There's something about the dipping temps that makes us want to don the sparkliest, brightest shades as a small rebellion of sorts to the frigid weather. If our skin will be wind-chapped and our bodies will be buried under layers for the next four months, you can bet our nails will be anything but subdued, thanks. If your digits have been looking a bit blah  lately, you'll find plenty of inspiration ahead. We tapped celebrity manicurist Tracylee (she's the go-to for everyone from Olivia Munn to Hailey Baldwin) to share the six biggest winter nail trends she's seen on Instagram and beyond. Let's just say "boring" is the last word we'd use to describe them. Keep scrolling for the six biggest winter nail trends to inspire you next nail appointment. 

Animal Print

"I'm seeing more and more animal print designs on Instagram and in salons. Animal print always comes in and out of nail trends and this season, it's all about the tortoiseshell. Plus, leopard print is back!"

Extreme Lengths

"Cardi B, Rihanna and Khloe Kardashian have been rocking their nails ultra, ultra long. Cardi prefers her shaped in a stiletto silhouette, while Rihanna and Khloe prefer square tips.  To keep their nails this long, they are all wearing acrylic enhancements for added strength." 

Crystal Drip

"Crystals on the nails have been trending for a couple years now, but lately, celebrities are kicking it up a notch by rockin the bling with bright nail colors. For winter, I've been seeing a lot of crystal manicures paired with neutral nail colors."

Moody Reds

"I saw this all over the Golden Globes red carpet on celebrities like Danai Gurira, Nicole Kidman and Clare Foye: moody reds with a dash of warm undertones.  I love this type of red because it's versatile and complimentary to all skin tones."

Textured Metallics

"Live Love Polish launched the season with the viral Felis Collection, consisting of jewel-toned metallics that shift their shades via a magnetic wand. Essie also launched their Concrete Glitter collection, giving nails the texture of concrete in warm metallic hues." 

Colored Chrome

"First seen during fashion week on the runways of Christian Siriano and Cividini, colored chrome nails will end the year strong as more salons and brands take up the silver chrome trend of 2016 and step it up with bold colors of red, green, fuschia and blue. Mark my words: this will be the hottest nail trend of 2019." 

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