8 Trending Winter Nail Colors, According to Top Nail Salons

It's no secret our signature winter nail colors veer vampy. We've already professed our love for burgundy, and earlier this season, we also shared which colors we'd be sporting for fall. But with winter quickly approaching, we're in need of some fresh, festive inspiration. So we thought we'd ask three experts in the nail industry a question: What winter nail colors will be the most popular this season?

From frosty shades of blue to rich shades of emerald (and so many in between), these are the top eight winter nail colors on experts' radar. Of course, the sky is the limit as far as your digits go, and you need not feel confined to these winter nail colors and these winter nail colors alone, but a little help from the industry's best never hurt anyone, right? Keep reading for their predictions and some stealthy application tips to boot!