5 Makeup Trends That Aren't Going Anywhere, According to Makeup Artists

Trends may come and go, but there are always those looks, products, and techniques that remain en vogue no matter the season. It's fun to try new things, but it's really comforting to know our tried-and-true classics will always be there for us—especially since makeup prices are high and we're not exactly good at budgeting.

With that in mind, we asked a few of our favorite makeup artists for their expert predictions. They list the trends that have staying power, those which have returned from decades past or simply been around the whole time. And just in case you still need some convincing, they recommend their favorite products to pull off the look and exactly why you should keep it in your arsenal. From glossy lips and fresh-looking skin to the classic red lipstick and a sculpted face, find the looks you can keep serving for months (and years) to come.